Now, I'm not much for Russian, but what I found today just goes to show you that interior design (as well as its software) have absolutely no language barriers. I was using my stumble button (as many of us swear by) and a set of images popped up with no home link. Then I got curious and copied the domain name into my browser minus the link. It took me a minute before I realized that these were in fact bad ass digital renderings. Mad props to the people at Stanislov Orekhov Studios.

This is just a teaser courtesy of their amazingness.
Apparently they also have online training (utterly ridiculous, right)? Check out more photos here.

Over the summer when I took an impromptu trip to Charleston, SC, I remember being quite upset that I didn't do a little more research for my hotel. Of course I ended staying in your run-of-mill peach walls and floral pattern beadspread, no-wi-fi excuse for a hotel, but I remember saying to myself that my next trip was going to be different. As I drove off to explore the town, I remember saying that I wanted to "stay there" (as a child would say) as I pointed to a lovely, innovative hotel just blocks from mine. It was Aloft!

The brain child of W Hotels, Aloft features fresh, modern, and some would even go as far as to say funky, take on your typical hotel. It's definitely for the hipsters.

Got enough color and texture? Yeah, me too, but I wholeheartedly appreciate the concept. Definitely in your face and fun. Hundreds of times better than the place where I was shacking up.

 And let's not forget the awesome grown-up juice spot appropriately called the w xyz bar! They also boast a yummy grab-and-go snack lounge where you can "re-fuel" after your travels.


And of course the rooms are all swanky and modern, and the 9-foot floor to ceiling windows give it that lofty feel (how appropriate). Now, let me give you the good news first - When you book a day you can get the second day 50% off. And if you book through Expedia or Priceline, you can get a room for as cheap as $69 a night. Now for the bad news, Aloft isn't scheduled to hit the ATL until September 1, 2012. And the other bad news, I could have gotten a room at Aloft for about the same price as the drab one I booked in Charleston. Now how about that?!!

  Gosh, I love seeing my wedding colors out in the world. Get's me so pumped!
Since going into married life would require me to shake my "college chic decor" (yes that's what we're calling it), I'd imagine our future love nest as a mix of regency and mid-century modern, done tastefully and beautifully of course. I just love to thrift and dream. Here are some love thrift items that I've drooled over.

There is an A to Z thrift store in the area that had been calling my name for quite some time. This vintage beauty was only $200. Had I had a place to put it (and a way to take it home) I may have made it mine.

I loved the light hues of yellow, slate, and steel running throughout.  Plus, can we talk about the shape of this sofa? How classic. Even though it had a dominate pattern, I could see it working with a nice steam cleaning,  some down-filled pillows in the same shades, and a soft, creamy lamb skin rug below.

Oh Wassily, Wassily, how I adore thee. Even though this was clearly a knock-off I couldn't help but be mesmerized by the shape. The gray straps weren't by any means leather (they were vinyl, and it was obvious) but what can I say? I probably would've bought it for kicks and giggles (and sitting)  had it been cheaper than $95.

I could barely contain myself when I saw this dining set on Craigslist (thanks to Apartment Therapy). Truth be told, the chic potential on this one was so high that I simply couldn't contain myself. The whole set of 5 pieces were being sold for $600. If only I lived in California (bummer, I know). I'd recover those seats in a heartbeat and give that table some tlc for an adorable dining experience. Le sigh...

What better way to spice up your bathroom experience by playing with your finishes a bit? Glossy surfaces are definitely a favorite of mine. These images remind me so much of candy, and any opportunity to bounce light around the space is always a wonderful thing.

Check out this awesome tile! It's very reminiscent of a puzzle. I would love to have in my bathroom with a little vessel sink. Note how the light casts an awesome glow on the surface!


This hot pink bathroom cabinet reminds me of the Abstrakt line that we have at work. If I didn't know any better, I'd say it was a rationell deep drawer with a reincarnated front, and you know what- I'm totally okay with that! I could totally see this in a little girl's shared bathroom.


A lemon in the bathroom? Why not? :)


How awesome it this? I love it when someone steps outside of the traditional square vanity. Check out the curves (great use of rhythm here) and the abundance of storage. The shelf and mirror are also perfect touches.

 These totally remind me of lolly pops. I'd be delighted if this was in a public restroom. Or better yet, I'm getting a vision - how about in a funky residence hall (euphemism courtesy of Georgia Southern) with communal bathrooms. If only my college dorm had been so chic...
For our wedding favors, it was really important for us to keep the costs as inexpensive as possible, yet still give our guests something cute they could remember us by. I told myself that whatever it was, I wanted to make sure that it didn't end up in someone's junk drawer - or better yet get thrown away. What better than to give everyone their own personalized engagement photo of me and Brandon?

Check out these frames! The can be placed upright on a table in landscape or portrait orientation. I spotted them at work and the wheels began to turn.

And now for the kicker - they're only 99 cents for a pack of 4! So with 100 people, and 1 frame each, that equals less than $30 for all the favors total! Go me! So excited.
*images via style files and graphics fairy
I definitely want my guests to leave their imprint in a non-traditional way for my wedding. In the past, wedding guests were expected to sign a guest book as courtesy to the bride and groom so that years into the future the couple could flip back through and reflect on their attendance (how they could do that by simply looking at an illegible signature is beyond me, but hey - that was the thing back then). In any case, I wanted to do something that was a bit more unexpected than a guest book, frame signing, or the now super popular wishing tree. Believe it or not, I found some pretty cool alternatives.

A vintage photo station would work out pretty well because the guests could take photos at their leisure and the bride and groom could later be surprised by all of the things that went on behind the scenes. I would love to have a dedicated station with cameras (a photo booth would be amazing, but unfortunately just as  expensive as hiring a photographer) or perhaps place an instant camera at each table and let the guests have at it.

I also love the idea placing farewell jars at the entrance of the reception (something great for the guests to do while they are waiting for the wedding party to finish pictures). Wit, wisdom, and wishes -How Darling! I love the idea of asking everyone for advice - whether they're married or not. I'd love to see what great things people might come us with, so it might be a condensed version of a jar that says, "Advice for Newlyweds"

A step up from the  w^3 jar  is the dirty laundry guest book concept developed by melangerienyc on Etsy. The idea is that each guest could reveal a cute, quirky, crazy, or favorite memory about the guests of honor - together or individually, which would be a great way to get guests involved during the reception.

The dj could read a comment after every few songs. Included with the kit is a customized detergent bottle, a laundry bag, twine, clothes pins, and adorable cut outs of clothing that guests write on and hang up in a designated area. Is this a great DIY or what? A Tide bottle template, and you're half way there...

And for the mackdaddy of all guest books - a adorable couple used a Mongstad and a lipstick station. I just had to share! Properly named the "kissing booth" it's pretty much the cutest thing ever.


I know that this mirror comes with wall anchors to secure it at the bottom to avoid slippage, but that would be out of the question at a venue. Perhaps tilting it without them would be okay- I'd speak with the venue to make sure.  This mirror was already on my must have list for our home because it's so versatile and adds instant chic to any space, but adding the lipstick, I could see it being a really awesome conversation piece in our first place!

It seems as though every house needs a home office. Though some of us aren't as fortunate as others to have an entire room to dedicate to our laptop and printer, it's still rather important to keep our areas just as chic and functional. Ever thought about a cute office nook? Take a look at these adorable spaces.

This one is tucked away in a guest room closet.
I love the monochromatic colors, and when guests stop by, just close the sheers.


Or try a multifunctional piece of furniture with a little fold down desk and chair. Remember the Ghost chair I was swooning over a few days ago, the acrylic transparent and doesn't draw to attention to the area?  Worried about the endless hours on your bottom? You can soften it by adding a chair pad which will seem to float in mid air.

Now this one I love. The cornice and drapery make this little corner ultra sweet and the small chandelier also keeps it feminine. I believe that this space was intended as a vanity area, but hey, open your mind - the possibilities are absolutely endless!

Don't mind me, I'm just cleansing my thoughts and cleaning out my inspiration folder.

Even a trip up stairs can be beautiful...
A couple rolls of wallpaper and some paint could breathe new life into an old staircase.

For the lady who knows what she wants.
Ultimate closet and powder room anyone?

Priming, and painting beautiful calligraphy on the floor...
Your guests would always look down in amazement. :)
What's inspiring you these days?

I have to admit that I have a small obsession with acrylic. It's so shiny, sleek, and well... invisible. I've told myself that I'm going to own some acrylic furniture in the near future - as soon as I get some acrylic money (which also seems to be invisible at the moment). Have a look at my top faves.

I could totally see this at the head of a modern dining table or in a cute little office. Me want.

Who wouldn't love a nice Ghost Chair knock off?
I say it's the only way to be simultaneously affordable and iconic.
This chair actually comes in a set of two for a pretty reasonable price.

A fashion-forward way to hang all those wine bottles I'll be collecting!

Need a small laptop desk without all the visual weight? This console table is so perfect.

And of course I have to give this chair some love.
I've been coveting the Tobias Chair since I started working.
All I need is four to make all of my dining dreams come true. Sigh...
On my quest to find the perfect table decor for my wedding, I was suddenly inspired on day when I went into the kitchen. My future mother-in law has a fancy for different wines, and so I started to think, maybe I could do something with all of these cool (and free) wine bottles.

And thus I was delighted and began to think about what I could do with varying heights of
wine bottles for wonderful vintage centerpieces. Check it out.


Real cute huh? I thought so! We're definitely saving our bottles now...