A good friend of mine recently purchase her first home on the West Side! Her place (which is super cute by the way) is an older home, which she plans to continue making improvements to down the road. When she invited us to her housewarming party, I thoughtfully considered what would be the most logical gift for someone who would be taking on home improvement projects in the future. I love the idea of a cool gift basket, but being the cost conscious girl that I am, I wanted to get the most bang for my buck, and still give a super practical gift. Then I had the idea to create an assemblage of items that are super handy to have around the house when working on projects. Here's what I came up with! In lieu of a gift basket, let's call it a "gift bucket", shall we? 

So here's what I included:

  1. A pair of gloves - because sometime things get messy, and sometimes we don't want to touch them
  2. A paint cup - for touch ups around the house when you don't want to carry a paint can around
  3. Paint brushes - you can never have too many
  4. A paint roller - you can never have too many of these either
  5. Spackle - because I have NEVER gotten a gallery wall right on the very first try
  6. A sanding block - for the Spackle, of course
  7. A Tarp - for new painting projects
  8. A small extension cord - because there are always things around that need to be plugged in at the same time 
  9. Zip Ties - for cord management (like global warming, it really is a thing whether people choose to believe it or not)
  10. Utility Knives - for all those inevitable Amazon boxes, removing caulk, etc.
  11. A Hardware Set - because having  a couple extra screws, anchors, and nails never hurt anyone, unless of course you leave them on the floor
  12. A small screw driver set - for installing bathroom hardware, and reinstalling said hardware when the toilet paper holder falls off the wall in the middle of the night as you're changing out the roll (ask me how I know) 
  13. An all-in-one flashlight tool set - Yep, you don't always have to use your phone when you need to see in the dark. Also an all-in-one tool set means that you don't have to keep up with everything individually... and you just look like an nifty individual
  14. Wood Filler - repairing chips in moulding, restoring old furniture 
  15. Locktite - clear glue for when your house numbers fall off your front door, or you drop the drawer to your front-loading washer, it breaks, and you have to put it back together (again, ask me how I know) 
  16. Gorilla Glue - for the stuff that you REALLY need to glue back together
  17. A multi-purpose lighter - candles for when you need to set the mood, of course
  18. A small broom and dustpan - when you make a mess, and you need to clean it up. :)
  19. A toolbox - to keep all of this stuff in one central location (I checked and everything with exception of the paint cup fits perfectly together with the lid shut.)
  20. And a bucket - I mean, how can you own a house without a bucket?
Yes, people... that's 20 useful items that honestly any homeowner (or project-savvy renter) would like to have on hand regardless of the age of their home. And the best part? Wait for it... I spent around under $25 plus tax for the whole shebang! With exception of the new all-in-one tool, everything was sourced from the local dollar store. 

Note: I also stuck to my "formula" for putting together a gift basket. Theme, color scheme, budget... that's all, Ya'll! As for the presentation, I kept it simple by I stuffing the bottom with a little bit of craft paper for height, and "artfully arranged" everything into the bucket so that you could see everything all at once.

This "gift bucket" was also presented with a nice bottle of bourbon as was our housewarming gift, so I must admit, I'm pretty proud of how everything turned out. What do you think? What type of gift basket should I do next?