So yesterday I was browsing west elm and I did a double take when I saw this sign:

I was like, "Whoa!" That's an amazing markdown! What exactly was on sale?

I almost fell over! I immediately asked an associate for the details and he told me that this was just the floor sample and that there was one NIB for the same price (this acronym actually just became part of my vocabulary recently, but that's a story for later). New in Box for $99? I could barely breathe! I immediately sent Brandon a photo, to which he replied, "That's cute."  So guess what guys? We got a new sofa! I took home a slip cover for it yesterday, and he's picking up the sofa today!  Not sure where we're gonna put it yet, but who can pass up a deal like that? 

Welcome home, Mr. Cooper. Very nice to meet you...
I came across these boots on the other day and I just HAD to share. I'd totally be happy with either pair (or all, if someone's feeling generous!)

They're all so unique and I'm sure that they would be a show stoppers all over town.
(To be completed with a new pair of skinny jeans!)
So it's finally time to start turning my attention towards our beloved sunroom. Up until now, it's been primarily used for things that we've slowly been putting away. Now that we're almost done with the dining room (posting a picture of the new storage soon) I can finally think about how I would like the space to function. I was thinking that turning it into a restful place would be ideal. Then I thought, hey, why not a lounge area?

For the most amazing sunroom I've seen, check out Young House Love here.

How with that being said it looks that the most obvious place to start would be choosing the right daybed. After turning the net upside down, I was finally able to find some modern daybeds that really tickle my fancy.

West Elm Overlapping Squares Daybed - White
West Elm Overlapping Squares Daybed - Chocolate
Of course West Elm holds the top spot in the chic, modern daybed department. You'll see the overlapping square series almost everywhere. My only gripe, is that they are a little more than I would like to spend. The frame by itself is only $449, but when you start to add on a mattress, bolsters, sheets, it gets a little pricey.

West Elm 2x2 Daybed - Chocolate

The 2x2 isn't bad either. At only $229 it's definitely affordable, but it's nearly impractical if you don't buy the bolsters (they are an additional $99 for a set of two). Also, I worry if they would actually stay in place or just roll onto the floor whenever you try to lay on them. Plus, let's not forget that the mattress is additional.

Astoria Metal Daybed - Champagne
The Astoria is actually kind of cute. I especially like the circles. It also has a pop-up trundle option (which would be great if we have more than one buddy that would need to crash) and did I mention it also comes with a mattress? All for $639 with free shipping.
Miami Metal Daybed - Coffee

This daybed is awesome because I dig the lattice-like detail. It's also a little higher for back support. The Miami is $599 including trundle and mattress. Of course it has free shipping. Did I mention that I like free shipping? 

Hillsdale Chloe Metal Daybed - Black Metal

This last one is perhaps my favorite because I like the simple, modern detail and I love the price. The Chloe is $360 with the free mattress and $469.15 for the trundle option with the free mattress. I might be settling in on a decision pretty soon. I just need to run it by the hubby. 

Oh, and let me not forget to post pics of the sunroom (right now we have it closed off from the living room like a nice little cocoon) as well as the current state of affairs in the living room. And as always, don't forget to tell me your thoughts! I'd love some feedback! :)
Totally excited to share this with you! Today our new LG high efficiency front load washer and dryer set was delivered! Up until a few days ago we had been renting a set while we figured out the perfect pair for us. Originally the price for the washer was $899 and the dryer was $1099. We bought them online on Thanksgiving day for $499 each! Plus free shipping! Oh joy indeed! Did I mention that they are wild cherry?

We figured we'd save the pedestals for when we buy our first home (or we can always stack them). I've always wanted a red washer and dryer, but I could never justify spending the money for so many bells and whistles to do laundry. And thus concluded the story of the cute, little married couple with the beautiful new appliances! :)
Just something to lift my spirits! I've been holding on to these photos for a while. I've always wanted a cool, vintage tub. Not sure how comfortable it would be as a sofa, but these are so darling that I just had to share!

This one is adorable. I  love a rich lime green and a flokati rug!

How sweet are these? I love the upholstery and the colors are so happy. Check out the matching lamp!

This one is extra snazzy. You know I love a good red and aqua combo!

These chairs actually make me hungry for eggs, pancakes, and sausage. :)

And this... how divine is this bathroom? I love a sweet vintage tub. The ruffle shower curtain is so lovely and soft. I would be so stoked if I could actually fit a Mongstad into my bathroom. Maybe one day! But until then, can't a girl dream?
I totally forgot to give my boo props for the amazing job he did turning our tv into the coolest thing I've seen in a rental. Ladies and Jets - our Framsta and Besta Jagra hibrid!

Home to all of our gaming and cable needs, our creation turned out pretty awesome. Brandon put it up over Halloween weekend and I came home to a nice, little surprise. He also placed some led lights into the glass panels for a nice little glow during the night, but sadly the batteries died prematurely (thanks Walmart). Hopefully we can replace them soon!

 Oh, and I just had to share this one... lol!
I've never really thought of myself as a "china cabinet" sort of girl. The formality always appeared rather stuffy (i.e. having your "good stuff" behind glass and never using it unless you have "company"). I mean, I like the idea of storage - God knows we need it with of smaller than average kitchen wall cabinets - but I wanted to twist the idea up a bit by using our Billy and making everything easily accessible.

All of our cool wine, martini, and shot glasses are displayed on the top and the doors at the bottom conceal our light-weight dried foods like pasta and crackers. I love the look because it's laid-back, but you still get the glitz when the light shines on the glassware. I'm pretty happy with it.

As for our sideboard, we've finally made a decision! I can't wait to put it together! 
See you on the other side!

The older I get, the more the quintessential girly-girl inside of me begins to arise.  As a little girl, I was completely into handbags (mostly for their color coordination and utility) but the older I get, the more I find myself being infatuated by shoes. More specifically, the designer in me has become increasingly interested in how they can be stored. I did happen to get the walk-in closet in our bedroom all to myself, but alas cute shoes are hidden in boxes or casually lying on the floor. Hey, I know I'm not the only one with the dream of the perfect "Sex and the City" closet! Here are some cool shoe storage options that really have me wanting a closet makeover!

This one's more about presentation than idea, but I can say that it reminds me of a cool store display - Urban Outfitters even! Who wouldn't love to show off their assortment of colorful heels?

Now how awesome is this? It's called the Sole Mate which is a product created by Shannon Scovell. Reminiscent of a spider's web, shoes rest nice and snug against the wall until your next ground adventure together!

How about ornate moulding painted a funky color to showcase your favorite heels? This option looks so classy and I love the texure!

How awesome/appropriate is this? It's called the footprint by Charlotte Tangye. Just mount to the wall! Flip flops never looked so cute!

Feeling lucky? I totally threw this one in just for fun! It's called the shoe wheel and it's developed by Rakku. It even comes in smaller sizes for children shoes What a funny way to teach the tikes the colors of the rainbow!
It's our first Christmas as husband and wife and I couldn't be more excited! We went Christmas tree shopping and decided on a black pre-lit tree from Target! Now I know you're thinking, Rae, that sounds a little crazy, but you know us, we like to break the mold on a regular basis. Staying the with color scheme of the apartment - jewel tones, we wanted something chic and unexpected!  Here's a peek!

Please ignore the bookcase (settling in is such a slow and painful process).
But here is the tree in our sunroom (perhaps the last room in our apartment to get some love).

Check out our ornaments. I swear I was like a kid in a candy store.
I managed to find a perfect box of assorted ornaments for only $15.

We need to get an extension cord, but I think it turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself!
We got the star from Target and the tree skirt from Walmart, but it call came together so well.

It's amazing how different things appear without my crazy flash!
I hope you guys like it! I have some more holiday decorating treats coming up, so stay tuned!
So I promised everyone some photos of our dining room! Here's what we have so far.

From left to right, meet our Billy Jader bookcase, our Bjursta dining table (not extended at the moment), our tufted white vinyl cubes - oh, and our trusty Bekvam step stool. Notice the track lighting... sooo not dining appropriate! 

In steps my infatuation with the PS Maskros! 
My baby surprised me by having it already installed by the time I got home from work!

Here's a photo without the flash. How amazing is that? It casts such an awesome dandelion glow all over the room. Dinners will be so sweet! But alas, I still have the blank wall in the back just begging for a sideboard and some artwork (I'm thinking a collage of mirrors for a nice reflection of light back into the living room). Then we can purchase some dining chairs and start inviting our friends over! :)
Let's just keep it short and sweet today... here are the new chairs that we got a few ago weeks from Target.

It's called the Dolce lounge chair, and it's downright adorable. We got two for an amazing price (with the help of a sale, a percentage off coupon, my working advantage website, and a wedding gift card). All that came to $135 for 2! Here they are in our living room. 

Right now they're sitting in front of the opening to our sun room. We love them because they're low (so they don't impede the view) and they are quite comfortable! Check out our jewel tone pillows! Teal, purple, and lime are definitely here to stay! It's all coming together little by little. Let me know what you think!
So Brandon and I have come to the conclusion that the only way we are going to be able to put away all of our wedding gifts is by purchasing a sideboard for our dining room. Of course knowing me, I always check out potentials at work before I begin searching all over ( I mean how could I not, I spend more time in the blue box than I do in our humble abode, but I digress...) Anyhoo, there are lots of neat options, all modern of course, but I can't help but be baffled on which one we should go with. Keep in mind that our table is black brown, so I can't decide if I want strict cohesion or contrast. Here are the top choices:

PS Locker

I can't help it, but there is something so sweet about it. At only $99, the price is one of the most attractive things about it, and I totally dig the nod to high school. I also comes in toolbox red. The only drag is that you have to keep the keys in to open it. But I guess that's a small drag, not necessarily a huge one.

Bjursta Sideboard
This is the next option, which is actually made within the same series as my table. To tell the truth, I was actually trying to avoid the matchy-matchy thing, but this one does have cute, little drawers for napkin rings and things. At $249, it doesn't have the most cupboard storage of the bunch, but it's got nice masculine lines. Did I mention that this is Brandon's favorite? Oh I didn't? This is Brandon's favorite.

Trollsta Sideboard

It's soooo leggy! I swear that I've coveted this sideboard for at least a year, and scalloped detail is so adorable. The only downside to this option? It's $349 (which is the most expensive) but it's also massive! At 72", it's the also the longest of the bunch, which I fear may actually dwarf my table. :(

Trollsta Cabinet

I just can't help myself. Cabriole legs are so sexy. At $249, I love this cabinet because it's pretty modern with a twist. Also, I can see myself attaching inverted wine glass racks to the inside for an instant bar. The only downfall - it's tall. Much taller than a traditional sideboard (perhaps that has a lot to do with the fact that it is made to be a tv cabinet). What can I say, I like to think outside of the box (okay, the low rectangle).

Torsby Sideboard
And finally, I simply can't escape the allure of high-gloss white. This sideboard it pretty awesome, and I LOVE the sliding doors! At $299, it's an investment that would be well worth it. It's modern, shiny, and the proportions are ideal. I guess I only question this decision because it's white. I saw a similar one at cb2 (twice the cost of course) but this one is really speaking to me. My fear is that if I go with the Torsby and white chairs, that the space would be screaming for some color.

So what do you think about it? I'll be posting my dining area soon so that you can get a feel for what's going on. Stay tuned.