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lwt (living with textiles) refresh

I just wanted to drop in and share what my team and I have been up to! Recently we refreshed the showroom entrance to make a stronger impression for this year's theme which is "living with textiles" For the before and after effect, check out our first implementation here. This time I was assigned the sewing studio (which was previously a dining room) and the youth room (which was previously a lounge). Check out the photos!

I really loved this space because it was all about color! I really gravitate towards bright, bold color, so I truly felt right at home. In fact, I would love to have a space as cool as this in my home where I could tinker around and create beautiful things.

Of course I drew inspiration from the Gullvi fabric faces.

Here's a photo of what it looked like before - 

Who said new paint, furniture, and fabrics can't transform a room?

It's like she just got up while she was in the middle of something...

Check out the PS boxes!  I totally want the…