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bedroom refresh

Just as the title suggests, our bedroom is in need of a little sprucing up. Truth be told, I never really had a complete idea of what I wanted our bedroom to be. Up to the moment it's been a little hodgepodge of things that somehow made it through the door. Bedroom decor has always been hard for me. It always leaves me thinking, "What means enough to me to make it into the place where we sleep?"

Anyhoo, this need for a refresh began when I decided to wash a our current comforter. As I lugged the comforter to the washer, my hubby suggested that we should think about getting another one because we had pretty much used the same one for two years (our current one was a much desired wedding gift from my mom). Then as I stripped away our pillow shams literally moments later, I noticed that my dog brother Versace' mysteriously chewed up the corner of our pillow sham during his last visit. Good timing 'Sace. Good timing.

Of course my hubby opened up a whole new world of…