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sometimes it's what's on your head that counts

At work, I'm none as the new girl with the cute headband. Now call me crazy, but it a world where some people are trying so hard to fit in, I believe that some of us are just born to stand out. Everyday, I switch my IKEA uniform up with a headband with from my outrageous collection (outrageous in a good way, I promise).  I strongly believe that it's possible to stand out without breaking the bank. Here are some of the best hair accessories for under $6.00. My store of choice - Forever21!

I wore this one to work one day and got so many compliments from visitors!
It also comes in black. The Oversized Double Bow Headband $4.80.

I own this one in red as well as black. It also comes in teal and cream.
The Shiny Satin Flower Headband $3.80.

I absolutely HAD to get this one to wear with my uniform my first day of work. I actually darkened the yellow portions to custom match my shirt. The Plaid Bow Skinny Headband $3.80.

Who doesn't love a little houndstooth? Of course it comes in blac…

a cheap, modern night's stay

Remember your last stay at Motel 6? While you're thinking about the dingy floral comforters, the stained carpet, and lingering smell of well... everyone's nose is different. In any case, I was so impressed when I saw the Phoenix, AR prototype for Motel 6's extreme makeover. Now brace yourself for because you may not be ready for this!

That's right, you don't even recognize it! Just like I thought! The sleek platform beds with neutral coverlets, the accent walls, the absence of a tropical floral pattern - it's Motel 6 (2.0).  With the ingenuity of Priestman Goode, a London-based design firm, the new Motel 6 will include such design luxuries as a custom , multifunctional unit, modern furnishings, wood laminate flooring, and granite counter tops.  And for those of you interested in the tech goodies, a 32" flat-screen television, connections for your mp3 player of choice, and wireless internet attract those looking for a refreshing stay on a modest budget.

The …

coolest baby on the block

I'm definitely not ready to be a mommy yet, but as a designer, I have always wanted to design a nursery. But alas, the days of theme-y cartoon character nurseries are long gone, and new wave of design has hit the baby world. It's the concept of a chic, modern nursery.

Noteworthy features of  today's modern nurseries include: 
1. Removable wall graphics (think Etsy)
2. A unique color pallet (no need to limit choices to pastels only)
3. A classic modern chair (new, knock-off, or the real deal)
4. Modern mobiles (abstract shapes and colors)
5. Animal skin (rugs, sheepskin, the softer and fluffier the better)
6. Chandeliers (a lovely element of aspiring maturity)
7. A beautiful, sleek crib that makes a statement

The transition from bows to butterflies is adorable :)

Love the fly-aways, and the color is electric!

 Sheepskin and an Eames rocking chair, how could you not love it?

This was actually a closet, so extra cool points awarded for creativity! Plus how many babies do you know with a…

"nobody can be uncheered with a balloon." - winnie the pooh

Lately I've been coming across this sweet little trend of balloons at weddings. Now stay with me, I know that balloons may remind you more of a six-year-old's birthday party, but I promise when done right it can be pretty sophisticated and well... chic.

Here is a photo from the diy diva herself, Martha Stewart . I love this desert table because it's very simple and monochromatic. Notice how the shape of the balloons are more round and substantial than your every-day variety found at the local supermarket.

Here are more used as in an innovative way to display tags for table numbers. Notice again how everything is kept very neutral and how the numbers themselves really take center stage. Below it gets even better! My favorite application of balloons has to be those in the actual bridal photographs. I think that there is something really beautiful and innocent about how they are used here. Some take the neutral, but stunning approach while others go for juicy pops of color.


wanna do it like they do on tv?

So I saw this photo of an awesome interior done by the ever-so-talented Cy Winship (a featured designer on HGTV's Decorating Cents). Now in syndication, the show has a guest designer every episode that helps conquer a room in need with the arsenal of only $500. Here's a snapshot of what Cy created.

So the piece that packs the most punch in this room has to be the sofa with the colorful pillows. That's when I started thinking. I said to myself. "Self, I wonder if I could recreate this sofa scape." Naturally, my thrifty design wheels started turning. Check out what I came up with to evoke the same "charcoal with a splash of vibrant color".

 First we have the stately cloth Sater sofa (also known as the Klamby) from IKEA. The sofa comes in at an affordable $199 and was available for a limited time during the labor day weekend special. It's also surprisingly comfortable. The shape and loose cushions are very similar to the inspiration room. I definitely wa…

my dream wedding shoes

So I've been searching high and low for unique wedding-worthy shoes that don't break the bank.  Recently came across the amazing new line from Christian Sirano (of Project Runway) for Payless. When I saw these, I completely drooled and went into my must-have mode.

I was thinking of wearing the boots for the wedding and the flats for the reception. The brown pumps would be ideal for my bridesmaids depending on their comfy-ness rating. The peep-toe pumps come in at $34.99 and are definitely "fierce" shoes that they could wear again and again. The boots are actually $49.99 and the flats come in a lovely $29.99.  I checked the store and Christian's line isn't in yet, but I may be ordering mine online after payday! They're limited addition (at least the flats are) so the hurry and snag them before their gone, that is unless you have a size ten foot. If you do, wait 'till I get mine first! :)

a play on templates...

About two months ago I played around with the idea of redesigning my portfolio. This is a small sample of a template I conjured up for a 6,000 square foot fusion restaurant I designed for my hospitality studio. The restaurant is sweetly called "kiwi", and features seating for 254 people as well as a sushi bar, liquor bar, patio, and private dining area.