Hey Guys! Halloween is upon us, and I figured that there was no time like the present than to share with you the simple fall updates that did for the fireplace. It's a fall fireplace face lift for less than $5 - say that five times fast! :)

Now if you remember my fall refresh from last year, you'll know that I'm not really the "decorating for Halloween" kind of gal. I typically like to through in a few fall accents (copper, orange, black and white), pumpkin or two, and a banner. This year, I thought I'd try something different. I wondered what our colorful happy space would look like with a little "spook" thrown in. To achieve this look, I went no further than my attic for some of last year's pumpkins, and of course Target for a 1$ spider web and a large $3 spider.

Side note: Can we just talk about how long our pathos is getting? I feel like such a proud plant momma! Also my copper plant holders are just begging to get filled with more plant-y goodness, but I'm unsure about what species of plants I want to use. Do you have any house plants that you swear by? Any and all suggestions are totally welcome.

Instead of going with several small spiders, I thought to only do one large spider for 3 reasons:
1. The web looked large enough to be created by one HUGE spider
2. Honestly, one spider freaked me out enough
3. In a moment of panic or delusion I could always discern whether or not this was fake.

It's so weird because it creates just enough tension emotionally for it to be effective. I'm a little thrown off every time I come into the room. In short, I pray I never see a spider this large in my home.

Fun fact, when you rotate this Goodwill painting 180 degrees you still see a man in a hat. It's crazy. And once you see it, you can't un-see it. THANKS BRANDON! The copper candle holders were also a Target steal from last year that I snagged from my coffee table.

To apply the web, I just started at the top corner of the large artwork and worked my way down spreading the cotton as thin as possible. It's was honestly pretty simple. It stuck remarkably well to the moulding of the fireplace. I was pretty pleased for 5-7 minutes of effort. :)

Also, for the bonus round, check out the quick tablescape that I created. This was definitely a use-what-you-have-on-hand creation. I purchased a cornucopia in the summer time with intentions of using it during the fall months at some point or another. I paired it the with pumpkins and skull babies that I had in the attic, and just like that... a small Halloween cornucopia moment. 

I may find a way to remix it when Thanksgiving rolls around. Of course just taking the creatures away would suffice for the next holiday. I'll see what I can do and get back to you. Also, at some point I'll get window treatments for the dining area... I'll keep you posted on that too! 

Thanks for stopping by! Are you doing any fall decorating in you place? Tell me about it in a comment below! Better yet, a picture's worth a thousand words! If you're on Instagram tag me @rajaune or use the hastag #chiclittleme  :)