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working girl - R91

Finally! After all of this time, we are finally remodeling Children's IKEA!!!! During my extended stay in the office I was able to fully plan 5 new roomsettings for the department. First up for implementation was a nursery. Believe it or not, our store has been without a nursery roomsetting for years Which is such a missed opportunity when many of our visitors have babies with them, or are currently pregnant.
This implementation was actually quite personal because I actually had the opportunity to train one of our sales co-workers, on the ins and outs of being an interior designer in the store. It was a great learning experience for the both of us, and the room turned out to be one of the best Children's IKEA roomsettings that our store has ever had. Here's how it turned out.
 But first, let me refresh your memory, here's a sliver of what this room used to look like:

 And here's what it looks like now:

Because of the nature of our remodel (tear everything down and…

working girl - ifs office

So for those who don't know, the month of August was pretty tough for me. Too much stress on my body (in particular my right foot) gave me an unfortunate case of tendonitis. Because of the severity of my condition, I was immediately given a cortisone shot, placed in a huge "moon boot" for 3 weeks, and sentenced to office duty. I say "sentenced" simply because my job is very physical, and while there is a nice amount of office work involved, a huge part of it is physical implementation.

To say the least, I was very, very bummed about it... and borderline pitiful. Thanks to the grace of God there were quite a few projects in the store that needed to be planned, which allowed me to focus my full attention on creating the best solutions possible. Three weeks in the boot, two weeks in an ankle brace, and five weeks of physical therapy later and I'm doing pretty well. I still have the occasional shoots of pain, but I'm happy to report that I'm almost bac…