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Creative Woman of Color - Heather Twitty

Since my 30th birthday a few months ago, I've been doing my best to live my life with more intention. I've really been thinking about what I can do to propel myself forward in my personal as well as professional life. What really matters? What do I want for myself? Somewhere along my new journey towards self discovery, I realized that I have developed a sincere need to see other women following their passions and taking advantage of their lives in a meaningful way. 
This very idea inspired me to take a closer look at other creative women of color. To be honest, there simply aren't enough sources telling stories from our point of view. What are our dreams... our successes, our struggles? What have we learned? How can we relate to other women? Well, I want to expose my readers to the young, creative, talented, driven, and even entrepreneurial-minded ladies out there that inspire me to keep going. These are women that I truly admire. Hopefully this interview series will beco…