So this post has been a long time coming! I've had such a busy year thus far, and it feels so good to be able to sit down and write a blog post without feeling guilty about how I'm spending my time. :)

Today I wanted to get the conversation going about how I plan to address our guest room. Honestly, I've gone back and forth with what I want for this room. It's the smallest bedroom in the house, and I really wanted it to feel like a little boutique experience for guests. First I thought about doing a convertible daybed, but the one I wanted sat so low, and didn't look or feel as substantial as I wanted it to. Currently the room has a simple Karlstad chaise against the wall, and it's been against the wall in the same spot for 3 years! I guess the thought of a daybed, even if it would be centered on the back wall, felt a little too similar to what was already there, and I wanted something completely different. I remember talking to a friend about my concern for the size of the bed in this space, and she told me that she had a full bed in her small guest room, and never had any problems with it. Besides, if a couple stays over and they don't like the idea of sharing a full size bed... they should probably find somewhere else to stay.

Of course before I decided on what furniture I wanted, I gathered a little inspiration. If you follow me on Instagram you may remember this post from some time ago. After a year and a half, I still digging it, so I thought that it might be a good point of departure. 

Anyhoo, with a full-size bed in mind, I chose the IKEA Gjora bed. I wanted something light, possibly Scandinavian - inspired, and a little quirky.

Focal Point
I love that this bed is reminiscent of a four poster bed, and that it can be reversed so that you can hang items from the tall headboard side. I intend to use it on reverse for the room because the closet in this bedroom is home to my hubby's clothes. All the closets in our bedrooms are tiny, and I like that guests can hang their clothing from the bed if they so choose. 

So with those things in mind, here's the scheme board that I threw together.

Since the curtains are rather loud, I want to use mostly white linens and perhaps a few patterned Euro shams and a lumbar pillow to inject a little bit of color onto the bed. My fingers are crossed that I can make the curtain panels work. They are a set of custom panels that I found at Goodwill for $15. Needless to say that I immediately jumped on them without a second thought. They will probably be about 83" once I steam them, and with rings I can probably only add another inch or two, so I may have to scrap them all together. But I do have plans to try! :) Perhaps I may be able to add something funky to the bottom? I'll let you know how they work out. 

Our townhouse is constructed with a half-timber style facade, therefore the front of our home juts out about 12" creating a little cubby in the guest room. People always ask me,"What's up with the wall?" Then of course they always look at me sideways, but I love it. For a new construction home, our place doesn't have a ton of character, and I really like the cubbies (it extends in to my studio next door). So my thought is to use a shelving unit to make the best use of space in this little room. I like the idea of having something that looks a little more built in (notice the shelving unit I chose looks like it extends out of the wall instead of just leaning against the wall like a typical ladder bookcase.) I also like the idea of a little bit of concealed storage, perhaps with tv, art, or a pegboard above, that's where the Ivar unit comes in. It has two drawers, and a cabinet for hiding away clothes, shoes, etc.

I'm on the fence about lighting. I like the idea of sconces (I think it really elevates a bedside situation and great for reading) but I may already have a few lamps that could work just in case I need to save up for the perfect thing. The one shown here is from Urban Outfitters and adjusts up and down, which could be perfect next to a nightstand and for reading before bed. I'm not opposed to lamps, but the nightstands will have a rather small surface, so perhaps I'll use slim work lamps, or even some super slim floor lamps.  

My favorite nightstand situation (and any side table situation next to a sofa) is two different tables that are the same scale, but play well together. I've narrowed it down to three options.The first piece is an Eket unit which is only $60 bucks. I dig the mix of a flat surface, open storage, and concealed storage. Next up is a Hjartelig nightstand at $39.99, which is super chic with matte black accents that ties into the other black items (curtain rod, lighting, accessories) that I hope to use in the room. The last option is the Bjorksnas nightstand at $69.00. It looks like it was made for the bed, which is honestly a turn on and a turn off. However I love the little leather pull, and styled out I'm sure it would be adorable. Let me know which one you dig the most #1 Eket, #2 Hjartelig, or #3 Bjorksnas. I almost always strongly consider the price first, then the style, but I'd love to know what you think! 

As far as accessories go, I wanted to see if I might be able to work in my IKEA PS planter (shown above) but I may just have to try it out in another part of our house if it doesn't fit. I also plan on letting loose with all of the great Goodwill finds that I've been collecting... think wicker baskets and mirrors, macrame, vintage art, and wooden candle holders. I can't wait to see it all come together!

I'll  be working on the room all this week, and will definitely report back. Per usual I'm doing this on the tightest budget possible, so wish me luck!