Here's a two-for-one special for ya! First, I hung our mobile in the living room!

I found the perfect place for it, right in the corner.

 Sixteen dollars well spent, huh?

 Oh, and I gave my sweetie a cute, little surprise for Valentine's Day. Yeah, I know I'm late.
You can't knock me for trying to get it in!

Who doesn't love a basket of your favorite things? Contents: sketch book kit, Gestalt drawing figure, a cool print to hang over Brandon's record player "vinyl is killing the mp3 industry", the Steve Jobs biography, comic book shot glasses, Twix, and beef jerky. Oh, I also got him the high gloss red Lack table- which I found is great for writing little love messages. Impressed? You bet he was.

And I found the perfect place for Mr. Gestalt ..

I think he's making a wish! :)
Hey Guys! Sorry I've been MIA for a while. I've been working on a ton of things all at once. Here is some progress I've made on the bedroom.

Notice the cursive print curtains. Those are a little project that I've been working on.
 I'll give you a full view once I finish 'em.

Here's a closeup of our little foo dogs. I got them for $6 each in Target's bodega.

Gotta love that old-school tv! I tried my best to frame the screen out with art. 

I thought about getting rid the dried-up roses, but they're so charming, and I haven't gotten any new flower loot from Kroger. For some reason all the other flowers made it to the trash, but we're still living with these. The piggy bank is Brandon's. I add to it when he leaves his change lying around. He eventually raids it for silver change when he's out of omelet money. And yes, 2004 was a lame year to graduate from high school ... just sayin.

Strangely, we don't have any of our wedding photos up, but the left-over engagement photos we printed for our wedding guests made it into frames. This is mainly because I'm lazy, but at least if we ever end up on an episode of Law and Order SVU, they won't raid our place and find no personal photos (which they always deem as very suspicious). Anyhoo, hope you like the sneak peek. As always, there is more to come.