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Here's a two-for-one special for ya! First, I hung our mobile in the living room!

I found the perfect place for it, right in the corner.

 Sixteen dollars well spent, huh?

 Oh, and I gave my sweetie a cute, little surprise for Valentine's Day. Yeah, I know I'm late.
You can't knock me for trying to get it in!

Who doesn't love a basket of your favorite things? Contents: sketch book kit, Gestalt drawing figure, a cool print to hang over Brandon's record player "vinyl is killing the mp3 industry", the Steve Jobs biography, comic book shot glasses, Twix, and beef jerky. Oh, I also got him the high gloss red Lack table- which I found is great for writing little love messages. Impressed? You bet he was.

And I found the perfect place for Mr. Gestalt ..

I think he's making a wish! :)

sleep tight

Hey Guys! Sorry I've been MIA for a while. I've been working on a ton of things all at once. Here is some progress I've made on the bedroom.

Notice the cursive print curtains. Those are a little project that I've been working on.  I'll give you a full view once I finish 'em.

Here's a closeup of our little foo dogs. I got them for $6 each in Target's bodega.

Gotta love that old-school tv! I tried my best to frame the screen out with art. 

I thought about getting rid the dried-up roses, but they're so charming, and I haven't gotten any new flower loot from Kroger. For some reason all the other flowers made it to the trash, but we're still living with these. The piggy bank is Brandon's. I add to it when he leaves his change lying around. He eventually raids it for silver change when he's out of omelet money. And yes, 2004 was a lame year to graduate from high school ... just sayin.

Strangely, we don't have any of our wedding photos…