Recently I was feeling nostalgic scrolling through my Google Drive when I came upon a cute little porch makeover that I had done last summer. Seeing as though we are all finding small ways to spruce up our home right now, I thought I would share this quick refresh with you.  

The recipe for a quick porch refresh:

A wreath 
  • This a dried door wreath from TJ Maxx that I scored on sale for $18.
A fresh door mat 
  • I grabbed this cutie up from Target for $19.99.
A ground planter 
  • I was lucky and found this succulent garden pre-assembled at The Home Depot for $16.
  • Fun fact - the piece it's sitting on is actually a $1 waste basket from The Dollar Tree.  
A planter box for the railing
  • I found this one at IKEA for $7.99 a few years ago and it has held up exceptionally well.
  • I filled it with six full-sun plants from Home Depot which ranged between $3 to $5 each. 
A coordinating color scheme 
  • I like that the color scheme sets the tone for what you'll experience once you've crossed the threshold. Our townhome is so traditional outside (and we can't change anything about our exterior because we have a strict HOA) so adding accessories on the outside really gives it some personality.

We can't change the color of our door, but bringing in bright colors and various shades of green made our sage green door feel more vibrant.  

I love this succulent bucket! Quick tip, this planter also does double duty by covering up the porch outlet. I made sure that all of the plants on our tiny porch contained plants that could receive full-sun a large portion of the day. The succulents loved it out there during the warm months. 

Now the bucket is about 1/3 full because I forgot to pull them into the house this past winter (face palm), but I can always add a few more singles to the fill out the arrangement! 

How adorable and luscious is this "buc" of "succs"? :) 

I really wanted the flower box to feel like a little garden so I varied the types of plants, making sure to select a few that would cascade down the side. I made sure to keep them on the same watering schedule as my house plants so that they were nice and hydrated despite being in the sun most of the day. It was fun to open the door and different flowers blooming every other day. Annuals are fun! 

The wreath could not have been a better match for the flower box! I love it!  

And if you want to try out something similar, here you go! 

Floral Wreath

"Hola" Doormat (I also love this Pillemark rainbow one)


Rustoleum Gloss Seaside (to dress up the planter box, of course!)

Succulent bucket


As we gear up for fall I would love to give the porch another quick pick me up (because it definitely looks a little less polished right now). Any quick makeovers happening over at your place? I'd love to hear about them!

Hey Folks, I'm back in the saddle to talk about my design plans for our guest bathroom. And yes, this makes two bathroom projects! If you missed the previous post about my plans for our powder room, check it out here.

Above is a scheme board for a cosmetic upgrade to our guest bathroom. First and foremost I want to make it a happy place to be by rolling some color onto the walls, and adding a fun shower curtain. I'm also considering an accent wall, but I'm still undecided on that front. What do you think? Our town home has a pretty open living space, and most areas bleed into the next. Therefore I think the bathrooms will be the only places where I'll be able to experiment with different paint and wall treatments, and not mess up the flow of adjacent areas. I'm also leaning towards black accessories in all of our bathrooms going forward, so the fixtures were a pretty easy choice, and blend well with the overall concept

I would replace the vanity fixture (unfortunately this is the only light source in the space so I needed clear globes), the mirror, faucet, and possibly the countertop this go-around if I can find an inexpensive remnant (though the countertop may have to wait). I am also contemplating on painting the sink cabinet because it's small enough to be a do-able DIY. I've seen lots of people on YouTube do it, so it can't be THAT hard, right?  Oh, and I can switch out the knobs for something gold to coordinate. Below is a quick sketch.

Prior to purchasing our home, I COULD NOT GET OVER the fact that we had fiberglass tubs with shower surrounds and acrylic sink tops in our bathrooms (especially because our former apartment in the city had tile, porcelain tubs, and granite). But over time, I guess I've realized that this is simply the reality for most people, and that eventually we can remodel the bathrooms to make them exactly what I want. In the mean time, I would like to do a makeover so that this space can look and feel well... designed. It was haphazardly put together from the beginning, and is totally not a reflection of the rest of our home. Currently, the bathroom is super blah and somehow felt even worse when I went to take photos of the space. 

I mean... it's not great.  There is no rhyme or reason to the color scheme. In the beginning I just found a shower curtain and matching rug in Target, hung up some extra cabinets for storage, and called it a day. It's bad. Don't @ me.  

On this side of the bathroom is where I would like to place the towel ladder. I could do hooks here (and based on size of the area that might just be optimal, however I really wanted to do something different, so I'd like to make hooks my plan B.

Oh, and can we talk about the area above the shower curtain? I really love the technique of installing the shower curtain rod near the ceiling, and using ball chain as an extension. This design detail will add much-needed visual height to the standard 72" curtain. 

Kristin from the Hunted Interior used a ceiling-mounted track system for her installation, but I am also considering a rod, much like the image below.

Emily Henderson used a rod to get a similar effect, and I LOVE the gold. I still need to make some decisions about the application, as well as rod and chain color. I'm leaning towards black to coordinate with the fixtures.

Moving right along... this is perhaps the worst part of the bathroom for me. These canvases were acquired on a trip to Charleston back in our newlywed days, and used to live in our former office. The canvases are so wonky that this photo actually makes them look better then they really are. Here I would do hooks for hand towels above the sink, and framed artwork (obviously nothing too precious due to the moisture) behind the door. 

So that's pretty much it! I'm sincerely hoping that this is something I can do myself as a fall project. I've already ordered the shower curtain and rug, so this makeover is DEFINITELY happening!  Do you have any house projects you're planning? I'd love to hear about it!

If you've been following me for a while, then you know that thrifting is one of my absolute favorite pastimes! What can I say... I just love digging for "buried treasure"! Aside from vintage items giving your home a sense of soul (particularly when your home is devoid of much age or character like ours), fun vintage pieces can also add a much-needed smile to your face (especially in 2020, am I right?).

Back in 2017 I blogged about the humble vintage glassware collection that I began on a whim. Flash forward almost three years later, and a 12-piece glassware collection has turned into a collection of well over 100! 

I almost have a whole rainbow now! How amazing is that? Of course I would be remiss if I did not pay homage to the blogger who inspired me to start looking at vintage glassware in a whole new light while  out thrifting. Honestly I used to pass glassware over at the thrift store (unless they had a cool pattern) but after seeing how much of a statement they could make, I couldn't resist adding them to our home. Now I can't imagine our little entry any different. The collection really puts a smile on my face each and every single day. 

Naturally as the collection grew and grew, I began to run out of space. I find that this often happens with everything that I start to collect (I'm looking at you, ginger jars and decanters). My old Vittsjo shelving unit was completely full, and I knew that I wasn't ready to stop collecting. So I decided to create more display space with the addition of two new shelving units.  

I know this sounds crazy, but when I removed all of the glassware so that I could build and install the new shelving, I could not believe how many glasses I actually had. For reference, our dining table is approximately 95" in length! This was the first time I was able to place them in rainbow order, and I must admit... it was stunning. 

The only color I have yet to collect is red, but overall I'm pretty happy with the collection. I'm still on the hunt for some beautiful ruby red depression glass, so maybe I'll get lucky one day.

Now, onto the new shelving units - the piece I selected is the Nathan James Theo 5-Shelf Ladder Bookcase with Brass Metal Frame in the White/Gold Finish. And I am going to be "100" with you - this is not the type of shelving unit that is suited for side-by-side install. The shelving and brackets don't line up exactly, so it can be a real pain to install them right next to one another. If I had about a foot between the two units, I doubt if it would actually be a problem, but I was working with very limited space. Initially I wanted the units touching for a seamless look, but because the shelves and brackets did not line up exactly, we opted for 1/2" between them to make the imperfections less noticeable. 

Now, this is the part where you examine the pictures up close to determine if I'm a crazy person. Don't worry, I'm not -  I promise. However the combination of the photos, the angled wall, the small space, and the wide angle lens makes a difference in how this solution is presented.  Overall I'd give the unit a 3/5 stars, but as my hubby reminded me after my pouts of perfectionism - this does not have to be your forever solution! Plus when I filled the shelving up, the glassware totally distracted from the imperfections of the shelving unit itself so I can live with it for now. Who knows? In a year or two I may want something completely different. But for now it's pretty, and I'm proud of it. 

After going through the process of collecting all of these beauties, I have a few tips that I want to pass on, just in case you're thinking of starting your own collection.

Tips for Collecting Vintage Glassware:

Define your criteria - Decide on what type of glassware you want. Are you looking for depression glass, jade glass, milk glass, specific colors, or just fun shapes and sizes? Do you have a specific price point for what you will spend and what you will pass over? Having an idea of what you are looking for will allow you to quickly scan a thrift or vintage store and make your hunt more efficient.

Check the color - If you're looking for colorful glassware, make sure that the color is embedded into the glass, versus applied on top. You can usually tell this by checking for scratches on the surface of the glass. In other words, if a glass is purple, but has a clear or white scratch, skip it. I made this mistake once, and when I took the glass home to clean and soak in mild dishwater, all of the color melted off and I was left with a clear glass. No bueno.

Check for imperfections- Sure, this seems like a no-brainer, but sometimes you can get so caught up with finding something cool that a small chip might not be discovered until you get home. Of course this isn't an issue if you don't plan to drink out of them, but we definitely use our glasses, and we don't want to risk bringing anything home that isn't safe to use.

Be okay with orphans - I'll admit, I've been pretty lucky to stumble upon entire sets of glassware, but more often than not they come in odd numbers, or in singles. This is often the nature of donated items, and you know what? That's totally okay! The more mixed your collection is, the cooler it will be. And if you like to entertain, there's nothing cooler than allowing your guests to select the glass they want to drink from for the evening. Also, I can't tell you how often I find a match to a particular glass months down the road. It's like striking gold! :)

Reflect, replace, refine - This last tip is for the avid collector. Eventually your collection will become nice and full, but you'll still discover more goodies when you go out. Don't be afraid to reflect on what you have, replace your not so favorite pieces with your new favorite ones, and refine your collection to the point where every piece is something that brings you joy. Think of it like the one in, one out philosophy for your closet. 

*Bonus tip*
The key to finding great pieces at the thrift store (regardless of what you are looking for) is to GO OFTEN! Some days you might find a gem, and some days you'll leave empty handed, but the more you flex your thrifting muscle, the better and more discerning your eye will get at picking out great stuff. 

So what next? Below is the new view of the entry from our stair railing. Not too shabby, right? Because our home is always a constant work in progress, I'm okay with finessing this space until I get it just right. 

This is the view from the front door. As I noted earlier, you can finally see that the wall with the new shelving is set at an angle, which then opens up to the kitchen peninsula and the dining area. There is so much potential here, but I am taking it one project at a time. Also, can I just say that I am STILL loving our cowhide? This was such an awkward space for a rug, and I love that it contours to every angle and piece of furniture. The fit was actually quite perfect, and of course it keeps our floors from being scratched up by our pup child, Chips. This is usually where she twirls with anticipation before we take her outside. 

And because a designer's home is never done, below is a Photoshop mock-up of the next steps that I would like to take in this space. I would love to find some cool artwork to hang above the shelving units, then pull the gold hardware finish into a new entry light fixture. I haven't decided on what pieces or lighting yet, but I'll keep and eye out and continue to share the journey. 

Also our dear friends recently painted the interior of their exterior doors a fun color, and I had googly eyes for this idea! (Thanks, J&S!) What do you think of a bold accent color on the door? What color should it be? Drop me a line below! :)
Hi Everyone! It's been a while since the last time I created a blog post, and the whole world has changed drastically! I hope that all of you are safe, healthy, and taking things one day at a time. Truthfully the only thing that gets my mind off of the total disregard for Black human lives is to be creative. Now more than ever, we want our homes to be havens, a place where we feel safest in this world. 

With all of house-bound time that I've found on my hands, I've spent a lot of time thinking about the improvements I want to make to our home. Most recently I've been focusing on our bathrooms. Our home actually has 3-1/2 bathrooms (yeah we probably don't need four toilets between two people, but here we are) and only one of them is tolerable to me from a design stand point. 

Since we've moved into our place, I've gathered inspiration here and there, and let most spaces come together organically. However, now that I've lived with these spaces for some time (it was actually five years at the start of the quarantine) I now have a feel for what we need in order to make them function and look their best. Today I'm sharing the plans for our 1/2 bath. 

Check out the finished half bathroom here

Truth time - I've had this mirror for about two years. It was a impulse buy that I discovered new-in-the-box at West Elm for only $50. After I secured the mirror, I searched FOREVER for a decent sconce. I knew I wanted at least two bulbs because there isn't an overhead light in this space, but I needed it to be taller than the current one to take advantage of the 9 foot ceiling. I like the idea of using something vintage in the space, and a small Kilim rug would do just the trick. Above are just a few options that coordinate with the wallpaper, but I haven't quite decided which one I want quite yet. Of course I would be remiss if I did not mention the toilet paper... I mean, it's funny, and I don't feel bad about it. Let's just say that it will definitely be a conversation starter with guests. 

In such a tiny space, I thought it would be cool to have a chic design moment and apply a wallcovering on all four walls. I scoured the internet looking for a fun wallpaper that wasn't going to break the bank. Eventually I landed on the Reverie pattern by Albany in the purple colorway from Wallpaper Direct. It's only $59 for a double roll, and I only need four rolls for the space. Below is a sample!

Honestly I ordered about 5 different samples, but in the end, I had to go with the one that made me feel happiest (plus it didn't hurt that it was also my hubby's favorite). This one had just enough bold color and curiosities mixed into the pattern to keep things interesting. I'm looking forward to guests finding new items in the pattern every time they visit.

Design Tip: When figuring out the color scheme for a space, I like to find one piece of inspiration in which to build from. This can be a rug, pillow cover, patterned curtains, artwork, tile or in my case with the bathroom - a colorful wallpaper. From there, I selected a ceiling color (for a little unexpected pop), artwork, and a rug. Having a piece of inspiration that you love gives you guidance for selecting other pieces for the room that coordinate well together.

Our half bath is tiny - barely 36" wide! As you can see, I had to use a wide-angle lens just to photograph it. 

Right now the powder room isn't bad, just not as great as is could be! Everything feels extremely temporary, and I'm beyond ready to get rid of the builder's-grade sconce, mirror, and faucet.  We also need upgraded storage in this area, which will replace the Kartell Componibili-style storage that we have currently. I'm considering some bamboo under-the-sink shelving from IKEA that I would paint black like the background of the wallpaper. 

Here's a quick little sketch of the sink wall elevation. Just switching out a few key elements would make such a big difference!

I love the current artwork, but it was always a make-do solution, especially because I know of a better location in our home where it could really make an impact. 

The back wall is completely blank right now, and I think that the new wallpaper with a cheeky piece of art would be awesome. 

So what do you think? I would like to start this project soon! The next step is to see how much it would cost for a professional to hang this wallpaper because it's definitely not a project that I want to attempt on my own. Are there any stay-at-home makeover projects that you are working on or would like to tackle? Leave me a comment. I'd love to hear about it! Update: Check out the half bath reveal here

So I'm trying something new. Instead of keeping my thrift treasures relegated to Thursdays, I thought I would switch up this series and call it - Thanks, I thrifted it! It's what I say most often when people compliment me on my home, or my fashion. :)  Today I'm sharing how I added style and function to my nightstand with items that are second-hand.

I managed to come across all of these items on 3 different trips to the Goodwill. Whenever I'm Goodwill shopping, I do my best to keep a mental inventory of what items I already have that I can coordinate with future finds. Black, white, and gold are classic together, so I kept that in mind while looking for great pieces.

First I came across this hand. I liked that it could serve as a sculpture on its own, but it can also hold my wedding rings and various bracelets when I'm too lazy to put them away. This hand was only $1.99 at Goodwill and has some decent weight to it.

Next I came across this cute Kate Roebuck "Haha" cereal bowl from Anthropologie. It was super cute, and I knew right away I could give it a home. I like that it's deep enough to hold my chunkiest necklaces when I'm getting undressed. Apparently this was a special series for Anthro, because I found identical bowls selling for $24 on Ebay. This bowl was only $2.99 at Goodwill.

The last piece I came across was this cute ceramic and brass faux succulent planter. This really serves no function other than for aesthetics, but I couldn't pass it up. This piece was just $3.99 at Goodwill (which honestly I thought was a little pricey, but I really wanted it, and I know that it definitely retailed for more probably at Target or Home Goods.)

All together, these items coordinate beautifully, and I think it added much-needed style and function to my bedside table. Add a few books, an agate slice (also thrifted many years ago), and a glass of water and you've really got some beautiful, yet functional Goodwill style. 

So what do you think? Not bad for less than $10 with tax, right?

What should I thrift next?