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Herb Garden Pt. 2

If you were here for Herb Garden Pt. 1, welcome back! If you're like, "What? There's a Part 1?" You can catch up here!

So when we last left off, I mentioned that we are currently using two different methods to make leafy vegetables and herbs - an AeroGarden (inside) and a wall pocket planter (outside). Both methods have been effective, but I can tell you that both methods have their pros and cons.


Convenient, controlled environment so you can grow any time of yearHas a timed LED light sourceYields very quickly from seedNo soil needed, just install the podNotifies you when you when it needs additional water and plant food through an LCD displaySeeds are engineered for the space of the unit (which means plenty of room for the roots)You don't have to step outside to harvestPlants in the adjacent area benefit from the extra light  Cons Light is on for several hours  day (this took some time getting accustomed to)Takes up counter space in our kitchen (bu…

Herb Garden Pt. 1

If you remember my 2018 Summer Bucket List, one of my goals was to start an herb garden... and I did! Because our townhouse doesn't have a back yard, I decided to try a little wall pocket that a great friend had gifted me and it was perfect for a petite garden.

Our little herb garden was sweet and humble, boasting a collection of 7 herbs and yielded until the last cold snap of Spring 2019 (late April). Though a few of our herbs held out (they were pretty scraggly and crunchy by that point) I decided that an herb garden wasn't as scary or difficult as I originally anticipated and therefore I was ready to expand on our collection. I purchased a new set of planter wall pockets and waited for the gardening bug to bite me.

Here's what everything looked like when I brought it home. :)
 Little did I know that eventually I would double our humble garden of 7 herbs to 14, and add 4 leafy greens to the mix because I happened to be strolling Home Depot on a day where herbs were 5 for…