As expected, our decanter collection is still growing!

I acquired these two from TJ Maxx. The crystal one was around $7, and the green one was $12. I simply couldn't pass them up, especially the green one which Brandon lovingly refers to as our genie bottle lamp. Of course to make room for them I had to remove the orchid, corks, and Missoni candle. Don't worry though. They found a good home on our coffee table.

Eight decanters and counting...

On the other side I've starting collecting some spunky art. I picked up both of these pieces at Goodwill for just a few dollars each. Oh, and the Missoni platter below was also a Goodwill find. People,  just keep giving your Target by Missoni pieces away - I'll gladly keep collecting them. :)

As for the vibrant original paintings, keep giving those away too! I'm looking for a third one to round out our mini collection. If I don't find one soon, I may bite the bullet and create one myself. I'm thinking of a black and white abstract, kind of like this one. I can't wait to get them mounted on the wall!

When deciding to turn the occasional table into a bar, I also created the challenge of finding a home for all the other things that no longer live there. Our Tradig bowl was transformed into a funky plant stand. I must admit, I like it much better used this way because I was struggling with how to fill it (we're not fruit bowl people). Plus, it allows our peace lily to get more sunlight since it sits behind our Sig chair. And let's face it,  that plant is way more chic now that it's not just sitting on the floor.

The CB2 candle sticks were relocated to the mirror turned tray on our Besta unit. In their honor I decided to add more white and glass to the vignette. I also added the leaves that I saved from last year's Kroger flower bunch. They're totally real, and still very vibrant. It's fall ya'll and I'm finally (reluctantly) embracing it! It seems like all the bloggers I follow love fall, but I'm a true summer girl at heart and could totally do without cold weather. Any tips for getting me into the fall mood?