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bottoms up pt. 2

As expected, our decanter collection is still growing!

I acquired these two from TJ Maxx. The crystal one was around $7, and the green one was $12. I simply couldn't pass them up, especially the green one which Brandon lovingly refers to as our genie bottle lamp. Of course to make room for them I had to remove the orchid, corks, and Missoni candle. Don't worry though. They found a good home on our coffee table.

Eight decanters and counting...

On the other side I've starting collecting some spunky art. I picked up both of these pieces at Goodwill for just a few dollars each. Oh, and the Missoni platter below was also a Goodwill find. People,  just keep giving your Target by Missoni pieces away - I'll gladly keep collecting them. :)

As for the vibrant original paintings, keep giving those away too! I'm looking for a third one to round out our mini collection. If I don't find one soon, I may bite the bullet and create one myself. I'm thinking of a black and …