Who I am  
Hi! My name is Rae, and I’m a down-south Georgia girl, born and raised. In 2009, I graduated from Georgia Southern University with my Bachelor of Science Degree in Interior Design. Since college I have had the opportunity to work as an interior designer for various brands in Atlanta. I started my journey as a kitchen designer, then retail designer for the world's largest home furnishings company. After traveling the country doing restaurant design and art curation for a year, I most recently began working for a leading hotel group as a design specialist for mainstream hotels. 

My 10 years of experience has totally shaped my design passions. I am very passionate about kitchen design, and I consider myself a sincere ambassador for small space living, the integration of living with children, and the implementation of amazing low-price living solutions in the home... as well as in the workplace. I've always admired hospitality design, so feel so blessed that I get to craft and support unique experiences for guests around the world. 

What I love
I love a sassy haircut, an unexpected lip color, and a good pair of pointy-toe flats. I also prefer to live my life in the brightest of colors that this world has to offer - in my wardrobe, as well as my home. In my spare time I enjoy arranging fresh flowers that I find on Kroger Manager's special, cooking Blue Apron meals (I've cooked 400+), and digging for buried treasure at my neighborhood Goodwill. I also have a proclivity towards huge statement necklaces, and the perfect clutch to hold my enormous smartphone (team Android, of course).

What I believe
Harley Finkelstein once said, "It doesn’t matter how much money you have, but rather how much creativity you have." I always keep that in mind, for I know that the best ideas are often born out of the tiniest of budgets. You don't have to spend all of your resources to create a functional and beautiful space that is unique to your personality and addresses all of your needs. Little budgets can also create chic spaces. Don't EVER let anyone tell you any different!

What you can expect
Here on ‘chic little me’, you’ll see tidbits of my life in the design industry, snippets of the townhouse that I own with my sweet hubby, Brandon, simple diys, and even occasional photo bombs of our adorable rescue, Chips (a Boston Terrier and Whippet blend or "Bos-Whipp" as far as we can tell). Moreover, you’ll experience the musings of a creative, cost-conscious, color-confident young woman who just wants to inspire and share with you in her spare time. 

Thanks for stopping by! If you want to connect, drop me a line at rae@chiclittle.me!
Also, if you want to see what I'm up to, feel free to follow me on social media! 

Photos by Ruth Brooks @travelandbean

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