I work, you work, we work. Let's face it, we all work somewhere. Some of us work in an office, in our bedrooms, in a cave, in a cube, but we all need a place to land and organize ourselves. Luckily, my full-time job is away from home, but I do have a dedicated workspace for paying bills, writing blog posts, poking around on Pinterest, you know... a place to take care of important things and be creative. 

Inspired by the offices at WeWork, a co-working company that provides collaborative work spaces for creative entrepreneurs and start-ups, I decided to share my little office space with the inter web. While my space is at home here in Atlanta, We Work offers workspace in many major cities all over the country and abroad. The short story is if you're on the cusp of starting your own biz, or you're pretty established but in need of more space, community, benefits, and services, WeWork is pretty much your jam!

Ever wonder where my blogging magic happens? Well, today I give you a small peek into my side of our second bedroom (which we use as our "office / storage / my husband's closet overflow / everything that doesn't fit in other parts of the apartment end up here" room). I try my best to keep all of the miscellaneous stuff-age at bay, but to be truthful, it's not an easy task. We live in a small space, and if you couple that idea with the fact that I am a home furnishings hoarder (think chairs, lanterns, accessories, Goodwill artwork) with the fact that I married a wonderful man who collects various technology, comics, anime, and loot crates, then what you end up with is too many interests, and not enough room to thoroughly express them all at the same time. It's sad, but so, so true. 

But anywhoo, what I have for you today is a rare look at my side of the office. Nothing particularly special or glossy-magazine worthy, but it's mine all the same.

As you can see, we're still rocking the Karlstad chaise. It's great for kicking back and reading a magazine, or piling your unfolded clothes on top of - whichever you need at the time.

On top of my Expedit is where I store the majority of my school books. They're great references and I could never, ever see parting with them.

Here's where I attempt to keep myself minimally organized. I soooo wish I gotten a white desk. Black brown is soooo over, feels so heavy, and produces dust faster than you sneeze.

I scored this succulent garden from Kroger last week for under six dollars! Yes, I'm trying succulents again. No, I don't plan to kill them this time. My strategy this go-around is to just leave it alone and should it ever scream out  for help give it a nice, but stingy mist.

I found a set of Futurama post cards in a random pile of my hubby's things and thought this one was particularly hilarious.

I love when the leaves change a bright red. I think fall is when mother nature looks her most beautiful.

And it just so happens that I have a nice, little view from the sixth floor. I mean, who could complain about that?

So there you have it folks! When I'm home, you can find me either here or chillin' on our movie sofa.

Not too bad, but could be much better! What do you think?  :)