Let's go back. Way back... back to June when I had the incredible opportunity to go the IKEA Service Office in Conshohocken, PA. Me along with 2 of my amazing co-workers were chosen to be the store planning team for IKEA Atlanta under the title "operation new kitchen". It had been a dream of mine since finding out what the service office was to go there simply because this is the place where all major IKEA US decisions are made. I was scared, excited, and so delighted.

As you can see, design-wise it lived up to every expectation I had for a workspace. As far as corporate headquarters go, it simply felt like you were home - in  a Scandinavian modern dream home, but still home.  

Billy on top of Billy, on top of Billy. It was beautiful.

The central staircase was dreamy and every time we went up and down it felt absolutely surreal.

Everywhere I looked there was inspiration, in the form of decor or text. Our company culture truly is the best thing about working for IKEA. 

I know I've been  missing for a while, but today I thought I'd keep simple and talk about one of my favorite spaces in our little apartment. The star of this show is definitely our Eames chair. It's simply the coolest, most famous, and least expensive chair that I have ever scored, and it makes me so happy that I can't help but smile whenever I walk by!

You may remember a few years back when I scored this 100% authentic Eames chair for a mere $2.92 at Goodwill. It was the best find ever, and I'm still slightly convinced that my Goodwill "mega luck" ran out the day I found it. But you know what?  I think I'm totally okay with that. :)

Because it's white, I like to surround it with colorful accessories, and it serves as a nice canvas for my mild obsession with pillows. My favorite thing about the chair is its chrome base, which is incredibly intricate, yet so beautiful. I can't help but think of the Eiffel tower (of course) when I look at it straight on, and a pinball machine when I catch a glimpse from below.

A few of our guests have asked me, "How in the world did you recognize this chair, and how did you know that it was worth so much money?" Well, Mid-Century Modern was just one of many 20th Century furniture style groups that I had to study in school. But if you're ever in doubt (while you're out and about) check the bottom of the chair first to see if you can pin down a manufacturer. If it's origin is still a little fuzzy after a quick bottom glance, I came across A Complete Guide to Modern Chairs on One Kings Lane that's comprehensive enough to point any furniture enthusiast in the right direction!

Of course what's a little sweet spot without a little bar? Our decanter collection is growing and I'm loving it! At this point, half of what we own was acquired brand new, and the other half came from treasure hunts at Goodwill. Notice that most them are filled with brown liquor because my boo loves a good whiskey neat. He also likes a good Samurai sword!

So what's the sweetest little spot in your crib? Drop me a line... and link a cute pic! :)