Today, I decided to be productive and finally hang up some things that have been accumulating dust in our living room. From day one this landing space and pass through to the kitchen has been begging for some art and accessories.

This is where we "land" when we come into the apartment. The red compartments hold take out menus, mail, and our keys. It's also a little clock and wipe board where we write love messages and quips. I scored it during my internship when a nearby loft store was closing it's doors. It was free, and you know I'm all about free!

Adjacent to out landing area is the pass through bar to the kitchen. This space felt so blank, so naturally I decided to punch it up a little bit with some art and accessories.

Better, huh?

The letter clusters are my favorite. We scored them from BB&B! Thank goodness they came with a template for hanging. Otherwise I would have made holes all over the place.

I was a little hesitant about putting up my Rotera lanterns in our place simply because they were red, but with the message center nearby with it's red compartments, they look more at home. The black orb was a score for a few dollars at Pier 1.

Now I just need to hunt down some bar stools! :)
So remember when I said that I wanted to add some color behind the Homegoods mirror that I purchased?

Well, I bought a yard (I got lucky with the end of the roll, so  I ended up with some extra) for $6.99 .  Gorgeous dandelion print, huh?

For my plan of attack, I cut down the fabric so that it would be a little easier to work with. Then I centered the mirror. Truth be told, I wanted to hang it with the fabric overlap, but then I convinced myself not to take the easy way out. ;)

When I found the perfect position, I flipped the fabric and mirror over to get my trace on!

Cutting it out took a little while, but I was diligent. I made sure to cut inside the lines a bit so that I wouldn't risk the possibility of having the fabric overlap the edges of the mirror.

When I was done, the fabric looked a little doily-like. Awesome huh?

Next I turned the fabric face side down to the mirror's back and cut a small slit where the mirror's hanger was located. To adhere the fabric to the back of the mirror, I took very small bits of white sticky tack  and pressed them to the back of the mirror near the edges (throwback sticky tack from college to be exact). Finally, I ended up with something like this:

And I absolutely love it.

Best part is, as we change styles, I can take the fabric off, retrace another piece, and re-hang the mirror. What do you think? I'm completely smitten.
It's an understatement to say that the sunroom is a work in progress. Lately I've been taking measures to make it more cute and inviting. I just can't give up on it. I know that it has enormous potential to be absolutely adorable.

Every room needs a color scheme inspiration, so I looked no further than the only pop of color that we currently have in the space - a $4.98 pillow investment from Target. The colors are pretty sophisticated - goldenrod, raspberry, tangerine, gray, white and chocolate (which totally reads black if I didn't divulge the secret) and of course white. I love it. I can't wait to sprinkle the colors around the room.

Check out my jade plant. Brandon moved her into the sunroom because she's been living on the bar since the weekend of our wedding. Her name is Jade - yes, I named her after what she is. Don't hate. I've had her since my freshman year of college. We've been roomies ever since.

See those rugs leaning in the corner? Well after much consideration, I decided to take one back to the store (it wasn't right for me to hold on to it for so long without loving it) and the other rug surprisingly stayed in the sunroom. I was delighted to unroll such a treat. It goes so well with our little pillow.

Naturally it didn't want to stay unrolled. With some sweet coercion and a few design textbooks, I won the war.

Gosh, who knew the sofa and the rug would be nearly the same size? I normally like a little overlappage (yeah, I made that word up, but it's part of my charm). Nonetheless at only $19.99, it makes such a huge impact. The scale of the pattern is perfect. It only took me 6 months to unroll such a nice surprise. You like? Next I'll be tackling the windows. Wish me luck.

I got these adorable wall vases a little while back from cb2. I'll admit, I've always been a sucker for the man and woman bathroom signage. I'll let you guess which one's me and which one's the hubbster.

So natually I went searching around to find something that was cute and petite enough to fit inside. My first thought was bright silk tulips or daisies, but to be honest, I knew that I would get bored with them and long for something more authentic. Finally, I stumbled upon this idea!

Bamboo is so easy to care for and I've lived with a bamboo plant for the last 6 years of my life - whew! Has it been that long since 11th grade? Anywhoo, I found these at work and I knew that they would be perfect! Best of all, as they thrive they'll change shape and create more interest. I have them resting in a large vase for now while I decide on the best place to hang them in our bedroom. Wish me luck! P.S. I'll let you guess which bamboo is me and which one is Brandon! :)
So you know that I can't stay out of Homegoods. I simply can't leave that place without taking something with me! This time was no exception. Here's what I found...

The PERFECT mirror, but I couldn't decide on the color. And it PLAGUED me! All in all, I made the executive design decision that included taking the white mirror home. Why, you may ask? Well, since I knew that I wanted to use it in our bedroom, I wanted it to stand out amongst all of our dark furniture. Believe it or not, I've been looking for a scalloped edge mirror for a while (with a Moroccan vibe) so this one was totally right to take home. Look at how awesome it is with our comforter!

So exactly where do I plan on hanging it? Well, perfect you should ask, because I have just the place-

Right between our two windows. I also have some additional plans before hanging it up. It involves adding some color to the frame's cut outs. I promise it'll be cute! Wish me luck.
The weather's getting warmer, the sleeves are getting shorter, and everyone's looking for ways to freshen up their space. It's finally spring time, and I couldn't be happier! Everyone knows that I own a  lime green VW New Beetle, and since the switch, lime has slowly been evolving into my favorite color. It's so punchy and fun. Here are some spring-inspired items that I'm really pining over!

When I saw these Bernhard leather dining chairs the other day and nearly flipped my lid. Are these not the colors of our place? Eggplant and lime are so fresh together (remember my orchid inspired color scheme) and these are no exception. If I could, I would mix them up for our dining table, but alas at $139 each I might be waiting a long time for these jewels!

I mean really, how adorable are these PS Vago lounge chairs! They would be perfect for our future rooftop deck (more on that dream later). And at only $24.99 a piece, you really can't break the bank with these babies. Completely a cost effective solution to saving for Panton chairs in the future! I could see them as a set of four with a nice fire pit in the center. Now how cute would that be?

How about an in-your-face Lucite tray? They'd be great for the coffee table or even breakfast in bed. Catch these over at Plasticland for about $18.00 a pop!

So I totally almost came home with this mobile during my last excursion to cb2, but alas - I chickened out. I couldn't quite figure out where to put it. I still might swing by and pick it up if I can conjure up the right place for it - I'm mean come on, it's less than $30, and it's such a statement piece!

Of course I could go on for days, but I'll end with this cutie. This cb2 media cart is screams unisex to me and it would make an awesome coffee table or a spot for the tv. Completely industrial chic for only $149 and in my favorite new color. :)