candy clean

January 18, 2010

What better way to spice up your bathroom experience by playing with your finishes a bit? Glossy surfaces are definitely a favorite of mine. These images remind me so much of candy, and any opportunity to bounce light around the space is always a wonderful thing.

Check out this awesome tile! It's very reminiscent of a puzzle. I would love to have in my bathroom with a little vessel sink. Note how the light casts an awesome glow on the surface!


This hot pink bathroom cabinet reminds me of the Abstrakt line that we have at work. If I didn't know any better, I'd say it was a rationell deep drawer with a reincarnated front, and you know what- I'm totally okay with that! I could totally see this in a little girl's shared bathroom.


A lemon in the bathroom? Why not? :)


How awesome it this? I love it when someone steps outside of the traditional square vanity. Check out the curves (great use of rhythm here) and the abundance of storage. The shelf and mirror are also perfect touches.

 These totally remind me of lolly pops. I'd be delighted if this was in a public restroom. Or better yet, I'm getting a vision - how about in a funky residence hall (euphemism courtesy of Georgia Southern) with communal bathrooms. If only my college dorm had been so chic...

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  1. Hey. So I was just searching the internet looking for ideas for an addition to a living room wall. I came across this website and thought of you...



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