After going back and forth, I've finally decided what to put on either side of the Cooper sofa in the sunroom. Taking a cue from all the miscellaneous items on the floor, I figured the best thing I could do was incorporate some much needed storage. Check these out!

Aren't these just cutie-pie pieces? The bookcase provides much needed storage for the overflow of design books that I've accumulated, while the locker will serve as closed storage for the not-so-cute stuff that I have like notebooks, paper, and boxes of samples. I chose one of each because they're both similar in scale. Plus, because they're in white, they won't take up too much visual space. I have to admit though, I've been trying really hard to push myself lately. I used to be very hip to the idea of purchasing stuff in matching pairs, but I'm learning everyday that it's much more interesting to switch things up and buy similar scale pieces that have their own personality.

Along with new storage, I've finally decided what to use for the window coverings. I want to keep it soft and soothing, so I chose a light gray sheer. It's sold by the yard, so I'm going to make curtain panels. And when I said "make" I mean it. I've bought so much fabric, and I have yet to sit down and figure out how my sewing machine work! I will though. I've promised myself. :)

 Here are some sketches of what I'm thinking it's going to look like:

Yeah, I pulled out the markers. What have you been up to?   ;)
Big thanks to my awesome hubby for fixing my scanner! Now I can finally share some of the quick sketches from my sketchbook. Here's the latest my concoction for our hallway.

As you can see, our ceiling drops down to about 7 feet as you enter the hallway off of our dining area. I must admit, it isn't the most ideal piece of architectural detail, but nonetheless, I knew that I had to embrace it.  My recipe called for for a few items that I had been gathering: an IKEA abstract Hallaryd painting, grass bunches and glass drop vases from CB2, as well as some UMBRA wall flowers. 
Here's how it turned out:

Not too shabby, huh? Best of all, I love that there's something a little extra to look at on my way to our bedroom. :)
Did you know that you could build a whole room around Target's online products? I mean, they have some really chic stuff. With a few extra bucks, here's how I would would do.

First, every room needs it's a statement piece, and this would be mine. How freakin' awesome it this chair? I love the pattern and the tapered leg.

Then I would through in a settee. So stately, isn't it? Just the right touch of elegance.

Then to shake things up, I'd flank the settee with a loveseat. Same leg, different shape. Sexy little thing!

And who wouldn't love brightly-colored bar stools? The color is modern, but the shape and the cane rush seat takes it back a few years... makes it cozy.

These pieces are so adorable. Maybe next apartment...