Home Tour

My hubby and I own our very own townhouse just outside of the big city. My friend once told me that getting your home exactly the way you want it is really like a marathon instead of a sprint. I like to hold on to that sentiment. On that note. Here's what we've done so far.

Eventually we got a new sofa and switched things up a bit. 

While we loved living in the middle of West Midtown, we desired to have a place to call our very own. The photos below were taken in our old apartment. My personal style has grown a lot since then, but whenever I see these photos, I'm reminded of just how happy our little home made us.

Oh, and here's a few shots of our living room when we updated our seating arrangement.


  1. There is just sooooo much cool going on here! So.Much.Cool :)

  2. I love the boys room. Where did you get the map printed on canvas?

    1. Thanks for the compliment! My hubby and I actually purchased the world map from Earthbound Trading Company while we were visiting Charleston. We love it. I could definitely see it as inspiration for a nursery one day... years from now, of course. :)


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