For those of you who don't know, my big sister Chan is a proud Airman (well Air woman) in the United States Air Force. Side note: She just picked up rank too! So proud of her! :) Anyhoo, Earlier this year she received orders to move to Korea. Shortly afterward I received this email - 

 Your mission should you choose to accept it, is to help your sister, turn this box of mine into a nice livable area for the next 10 months.  Only if you want to of course.  My style is kinda dark of course, I can put things on the wall, maybe posters or something blah.  Anything you think would work, that doesn't over do it of course... Call it a HOBO project cause I am helpless lol.  I have attached some pics of what there is to work with.  Let me know if you're interested. " 

Naturally I accepted and immediately got to work. What I could specify for her that would be comfortable, cost-conscious, and of course cool? This was definitely a challenge. Chan's aesthetic is very monochromatic, and as you know I LOVE COLOR. I managed to keep a restrained hand while still finding some things that truly make a dorm-like space cute and cozy. 
I began this mission with a myriad of textiles. After all, what better way to gather bedroom inspiration than to start with what's going on the bed? Here are the choices I presented to her.

She made her choice, and from there I got to work creating a scheme board for her space.

She loves maps and Maya Angelou, so I wanted to make them significant pieces in the design. I also made sure that I found pieces from websites that shipped internationally, or pieces I could easily pick up and ship to her. Below are a few inspirational images that I sent to my sister, along with the scheme board to better explain where I was going with all of this.

Via 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

I can't wait to see how she goes forward from this point!
Whenever my mom comes to visit me, she always inquires about certain items displayed throughout our place. To my surprise, I always end up telling her Goodwill! As most designers know, Goodwill is the spot for cute and quirky home furnishings at a ridiculously low price. Not too long ago, for some reason, I had it in my head that I really wanted a bust of some sort. Why? For no other reason than it's pure chicness. So I found myself browsing through Goodwill, and lo and behold stumbled upon the famous Roman general himself. I picked this guy up, gave him a good bath, and styled him right up!

Of course no vignette is complete without plants or Kroger flowers! I also picked up the swirly white vase from Goodwill.

Here they are again with a Missoni by Target candle that I also picked up from... you guessed it.

Would you believe me if I told you that I got this super fresh bunch of Gladiolus flowers for $3? They had a whole bucket full of bunches for $3 each. Too bad I wasn't picking up flowers for a wedding or baby shower! Anyhoo, check Caesar out with a snack bowl from Target that I've started to fill with wine corks. Side note, I can't believe how many we've accumulated in two years. We already have a 34oz jar completely full. Makes me feel like such an adult! 

Oh, and if my bust looks a little familiar, you probably remember that I used him in the ASO Decorator's show house space we did. What can I say, this guy is way too chic not to share!
Not too long ago Brandon and I hosted a tiny get-together with beer, wine, champagne, sushi bowls, ice cream bread, and great friends. It was sweet! But you know me, I can't just have people over. I've gotta add a touch of class to it. 

Look no further than Kroger's manager's special to provide the floral goods!

Here's Brandon's creation! It was lick-the-bowl good!

Quick place settings with card stock, (cursive, which I rarely ever practice) and a rosebud...

We love these two!

We also played the coolest card game called Cards Against Humanity. If it's not part of your collection yet, get it! I promise you're not ready for the hilarity that will ensue! Gosh, we love having friends over! Can't wait to do it more often. :)
Sorry I've been gone for so long! After work, dinner, and chores, the last thing on my mind has been blogging (insert shame face). But I can definitely say that I have so much to share! :)  First of all, do you like our new Blu Dot by Target Sig chair?

Doesn't she just fit right in?

I love how she talks back to the insert in the coffee table. It's almost like they were meant to be in the same room.

As you can see, we are of no shortage when it comes to natural light, so I apologize for the bleachy photo, but I had to show off the amazing tubes on the back! Anyhoo, remember how I planned this chair for our bedroom, well truth be told, it was a bit too large for the space, but it looks awesome next to our movie sofa. It's extra low, but pretty comfortable - even with the metal arms. And for only $149, (before my red card of course) I really couldn't beat it. Well actually, I could - turns out it's down another $50, so scoop it up now if you're groovy enough.

Oh, and because I'm a chair junkie, I promised myself that this would be my last chair purchase while we're still in this apartment. For some girls it clothes, shoes, or makeup, but for me it's cute places to sit your tushy. Interior designer problems...