So my Aunt and Uncle on my boo's side have entrusted me with the awesome task of helping them revamp their master bedroom. It just so happens that they are expecting their second child in the fall, so what better way to mentally prepare than with a nice, relaxing bedroom as treat? Naturally, I was more than excited to be asked to flex my interior design muscle! After a short browsing trip to some local hotspots (Homegoods, Target, etc.) I was able to get a grasp of what Sheryl and Drexel wanted - well mostly what Sheryl wanted, but I wanted to keep in mind that this design had to be as gender neutral as possible. Here are some of the things that we found for inspiration.

Sheryl was immediately drawn to orange and turquoise.Of course they are absolutely delightful together - not to mention that they are complementary colors.

She loved the warmth and color combination of this piece...

And the texture of this piece.

She was also really diggin' this pillow. Cute, I know. So I went home and really thought about it. I figured that if I could find a jumping off point that at least incorporated the color scheme that she wanted, then everything else could play off of it. Then I found this on the Target website.

Peaceful, soothing, and a great balance of masculine and feminine. Here's how I made it work.

Notice how I used the orange as the pop of color. Everything is completely accessible, and 100% budget friendly. Like the Greek key-inspired chest of drawers? Well that's a rast hack from the coolest diy chick I've ever seen - Bri! Check out her ridiculously awesome blog here (P.S. you ain't ready). I was definitely inspired by her color combination with the orange lamps, so when I saw it, it made me even more confident that the orange would play friendly with the soothing blue and green of the comforter. Everything else is a sprinkle of finds from IKEA, Target, Walmart, and CB2. I can't wait to see how it all comes together. Wish me luck!
I've been searching high and low for a table to accommodate the new sewing machine that I got for Christmas. Truth be told, I haven't sewed a stitch on it because I was waiting to create the nice, little sewing nook that I had always envisioned of the corner of the sun room. Of course I could've just picked up something from work, but lately I've been craving something unique that I can truly make my own. Lo and behold while I was sifting through stuff at Goodwill, I came across a charming  flip top sewing table and a snazzy vintage chair.

Of course a pile of my crafting supplies were in the way, so I had to scoot them over to make room for my new find. Look! My sewing machine is finally out of the plastic! :) I got the table for $15.91 and the chair for $10.91, for a grand total of $28.70 with tax.

Besides an avacado mid century modern chair that I acquired from my grandmother (it's still chillin at my parent's house, but I have a nice place for it when it makes its way up here) these are the first vintage pieces I've ever owned. Of course both pieces need work, but I'm totally willing to put in some elbow grease. P.S. I can't wait to recover the seat of the chair with something bold and sweet!

Before I can start my sewing projects I have to figure out a crafty way to cover the hole from the old sewing machine that used to be attached to the table. The sooner I can figure out this conundrum, the sooner I can get to sewing.

Instead of re-staining the pieces, I would love to paint them fun colors in a high gloss finish. Initially I was thinking a different color for the table, chair, and my bookcase (which isn't actually vintage, but fairly new). I really didn't like the finish on the bookcase from the get go, but I've held on to it knowing that I could always paint it in the future. I was thinking three different colors for all three pieces. I wanted turquoise, orange, and yellow. Then I found this image...

And it pretty much confirmed my idea. Next order of business is to learn about the best paint and materials to get the job done. Any suggestions? Let me know! :)
Finally brought home the Ung drill frames. They're so ornate and cool.

They sat in the corner of the sunroom before I figured out what to do with them.

Finally I decided that the blank spots on either side of the living room could really use a boost. I'm not sure what I'm going to put in the frames yet - maybe some fabric or some doodles (P.S. Brandon and I LOVE to doodle).

Consider the wheels inside my head turning...
So I figured I would start a new type of post and if I get some interest, maybe I'll make into a series. I thought that since I'm always looking for a cheap thrill, I would pick a category, a dollar amount and go with it - finding "cheap chic" things for those of us who really appreciate a small price tag. Today, I'll be focusing on side tables under $35 because I'm currently on the look out for side tables in our bedroom (goodbye lack tables) and the sunroom. All of today's cheap chic are currently on clearance on

I think these nesting tables are adorable, and a little reminiscent of Elieen Gray, no?  The fact that they come as a pair for only $28.00 in black, and $32.00 in white is only icing on the cake.

These little babies remind me of the Hemnes side table that I couldn't get my hands on before it was discontinued (sad face). Good thing Wally World has something comparable. For $25, this little baby in  white or black is so charming! What can I say? You know I'm a sucker for sexy legs. Also, let me add that these scalloped end tables have a 5-star rating. Pretty impressive, huh?

Or perhaps your space needs a little pop of color! These bright end tables could be the center of attention for any room. They even have a little slide out drawer to store your little goodies. $30 for the pair? Not bad.

Cute, simple coffee table? I'm throwing this one in just for kicks! This Metro X coffee table is only $29.98. I was thinking this might look pretty swell in the sunroom. Perhaps painted gray or burnt orange? The wheels in my head are turning...
The side table version is adorable too. They come in either white, purple, or orange. I wouldn't use them in the same room with the coffee table because it would read a little matchy matchy for my blood, but alone, X marks the spot, plus they're only $30 for the pair. I actually like the thought of white ones on either side of our bed. Hmmmm...

Last, certainly but not least is the multifunctional tray table. Magazine rack or table? You decide. I just like it. And it's only $15. Excuse me, we knew that Walmart was cheap, but when in the world did it become so chic? Go ahead and get one - oh yeah, and use that free site to store shipping while you're at it.

Do you like the idea of "cheap chic" posts, or have an idea of a cheap chic item I should look for next? Leave me a comment below! :)