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low price lust

So after a trip to Atlantic Station with my boo, we stumbled into Z Gallerie and completely fell in lust with lots of the luxurious things that we found there. One mainly being this amazing X Canopy queen bed.

Yeah, it's a little pricey at $1,099, but after all, my dad did say that he'd buy us a bed for our wedding... but of course, I kind of talked us out of the purchase - at least for now. It stands at 7 feet tall and some change, and I can't help but keep a designer outlook at the fact that a typical apartment will have an 8 foot ceiling - let's not even talk about a ceiling fan. So if we get a bed like this, aesthetically, we only have two options - a cool loft, or our first house purchase (hopefully with at least 9 foot ceilings). So we had to come up with an alternative (that was more pricey of course) but I'm good at finding comparable alternatives. 

Meet the Nina bed at $1,699. Yeah, it's a beauty. I'm totally in love with the wingback chair headboa…

because it always comes back

After perusing the Forever 21 website for potential purchases, I began to notice that a lot of the items I was drooling over were indeed black - which is quite weird for me because if you know me at all personally I LOVE COLOR. But the attention to detail in these pieces are quite strong, and of course the color black always reads really powerful. Check it out...

Croco Embossed Shoulder Dress -$24.80.  A head turner for sure!

Belted Halter Dress - $44.00

Peep Toe Cage Heels - $20.80 A staple you could wear all year, really.

Vintage Mode Belt - $7.80

Mini Veil Clip - $6.80. You know How I love hair accessories, so I really couldn't resist.
Now get out there and get your body into some black!

midsummer light dreams

"Cascading layers of dazzling forest creatures and foliage" - doesn't that just sound beautiful? I came across this lovely light fixture today and I fell, well- in love. The intricacy is utterly ridiculous!

The fixture is constructed a very durable paper material called tyvek, and the light is separated by a heat resistant cone. In love yet? I'm definitely putting it on my "gotta have for my happy home" list. And at $56 dollars and $8 shipping courtesy of unica HOME, how could I not?

color me pretty

So in case you were wondering, I'm still trippin' off of that Jader Bookcase, but my bookie sent me a stumble yesterday with the most awesome wallpaper, and I thought to myself,  "Self, I've really got to start sketching and doodling again! I mean, after all doodles can really become magic!" This wallpaper created by  John Burgerman sold by nineteenseventythree totally rocks my socks! Check it out.

Oh yeah, did I mention that you color it?

I could totally see this on a focal wall framed with some simple moulding or even in a kid's room (after they've mastered the technique of coloring inside the lines.) Pretty awesome, huh?
I know you'd think so! Thanks for the tip, Babe!

Q calls me Kreativ!!!

Many thanks goes out to my lovely design buddy Quintel of  URBAN PAINT. Check this design diva out! As one of my fellow alum, she is taking the design world by storm and has recently graced Charlotte, NC with her presence. Q actually passed the Kreativ Blogger award on to chic little me,  and I couldn't be more excited! Here's the award below!

I'm definitely flattered. When I started my blog, I just wanted to have a creative outlet for organizing all of the cool things I see and think about, so this a way cooler response than I thought that I'd ever get. As apart of accepting this award, I must also nominate other awesome bloggers who deserve a kreativ high-five. Much like Q, I have to get my blog-follow-game up, but this goes out to:

So thankful 
Christine Rivera GRD*BLG
head vs. heart

More to follow... "insert pun"

As a rule of thumb, I also must share 7 things about myself:

1. I've been feeling very lackluster about my h…

show your books a little love

As I sat in training at work about a week ago, not only did a contract a nice little cold, cough, and infection (another whole story entirely) but I learned about a sweet limited edition product celebrating Billy's 30th birthday. Naturally I had to look this up later to see just what the heck was going on ,and when I finally saw it on the floor I was blown away by the design AND the price (of course, that's IKEA for you)! The Billy just got better. Meet Jader.

Yes, brains, function and beauty all rolled into one; a bookcase with some personality.
And the writing, you might wonder?

Yep, they are doodles with - get this - Shakespearean love sonnets! The creator of the limited series, Annika Bryngelson, says that she created the Jader with "a young, romantic man in mind".
How adorable is that?

And for "the colourful, trend-conscious young girl"?
The Billy Bjasta look a cue from Japanese Manga.

And if you think that wasn't enough, the limited-edition Billy also c…