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deck plans

Hi, Friends! Summer is finally upon us! To say that I'm excited to start outdoor entertaining (something that I have NEVER had the pleasure of doing in my whole 29 years of life) is an understatement! Since we bought our place a little over a year ago, I've been itching to get furniture on our deck. We knew that we wanted something a little different from your typical table and set of chairs, so we took our time, saved our coins, waited for a few spring sales, and went for something a bit more unique.

Brandon and I decided that we ultimately wanted a space where we could lounge and relax versus sit up straight and eat proper meals. So the idea of a sectional turned out to be perfect for us, and our style of entertaining. But we definitely didn't want to go with your run-of the-mill sectional. We chose a round one... 'cause we're cool like that. Plus, it's totally modular! Here's my hubby graciously putting it all together with an Allen wrench!
Of course I …