What girl doesn't want a cute little vanity for all her dressing needs? There's just something about owning one that makes me feel like a proper, young lady. I've been toying around with getting a white vanity unit and adding a ghost chair with a small chandelier for that ultra chic touch. Here are my top 3 choices.

Mesmerizing curves and feminine in every way, the Hemnes is drawing me in. The cute, little drawers are lined with yellow striped paper which is super cute and the oval mirror is adjustable. It's only $249, but of course it has some competition.

Talk about sweet, simple, and modern, I love the Parsons vanity because of the asymmetrical balance and no-frills loveliness. Its right side features a deep drawer for dressing goodies. I think this would be awesome to dress up or down, plus it's only $254.

My last choice is the Vinstra, which is quite similar to the Parsons, but with a little more symmetry and adornment. This one boasts the biggest drawer out of the three. It's also $249. I could see myself changing out the hanging drawer pulls in favor of some crystal drawer pulls from Anthropologie. I mean seriously, how cute would that be? Choices, choices, choices...
I'll admit it. I just can't get enough of red and aqua! Together they are so lovely and the contrast just makes you go "Wow!" - well at least it does for me. Honestly, I contemplated back and forth whether I wanted to make them my wedding colors, but after doing my research I realized that they have been pretty much over-used in the wedding world. Sigh... Anyhoo I loved the combo I ended up choosing - very unique, and of course something I had never seen before. With that being said, I would still like to give a smile and a nod to one of the hottest color combinations on the planet. ;)

This nook is soooo darling. Classic chair, Alexander Girard print, zig zags, chandelier, and stripes - just steal a girl's heart why don't you!

I can't tell you how badly I want a red and aqua kitchen - or at least the accents. There is something so charming about appliances, pots, and pans that have a dramatic pop of color. P.S. check out the the knobs on the vintage range - adorable!

One of the most iconic beds of the time wrapped in lovely. :)

Just wanted to leave you with something beautiful in which to be inspired.
I saw this idea and I have to admit that it is mighty clever and smile-worthy. Need frames? Try clipboards! They're casual, fun, interchangeable ... inexpensive. I could go on and on. Check it out!

I really love this. You can SO make it your own. 
I also dig how the first print is sharing two clipboards. How cute.

I think the entry would be a perfect place for a row of clipboards, not to mention that adding hooks underneath for hanging coats is pretty genius. Your guests could instantly get a pop of color as soon as they come through the doorway, and leaving little "sweetie reminders" would be a good way to start the day.

How about a collage of clipboards on a picture ledge? You can create one out of moulding, or it can easily be achieved with a floating shelf. Ahh... the possibilities!

So here it is everyone! I've finally chosen a bridesmaid dress for my girls! After searching long and hard for a sweet, sophisticated dress, I finally ended my search at Newport News. The criteria I had for the dress was simple: find a dress that's sexy, inexpensive, and something that doesn't scream bridesmaid so that they all might want to wear it again. Check, check, and check. I also made sure to find a coupon code so that they could get the 20% off of the order and free shipping. I just know that my girls will look amazing! What do you think?