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working girl - spooky juice

At IKEA, constantly revitalizing roomsets is one of the biggest ways to attract repeat customers within our market. Simply put, people visit more often when there is always something new to see! One of our big goals this year is to inject more seasonality into the store, and reflect more of what is actually going on in the daily lives of our customers. Right now, the weather is cooling down, people are coming indoors to relax, and everyone is getting geared up for upcoming holiday celebrations. After receiving my assignment to revitalize a roomsetting using Halloween as inspiration, I decided to turn it out, and create a small whimsical celebration!
Here's some old pics of the roomset before:

And here's the seasonal after:

First of all, let me say that it's amazing what switching out accent doors can do for a kitchen! Don't get me wrong, I was a big fan of the lime green doors, but there's something about the black glass that makes the kitchen more striking and so…

office nookie

Our little office space is slowly coming together! A while back I purchased a light fixture from Highland Row Antiques that I simply couldn't pass up because the color story was so perfect! But before I show you how it turned out, allow me to introduce you to the real star of this show - my little Raskog cart.

This little cart has been coveted by people all over the country who have seen it everywhere on the web, the IKEA catalog, and beyond. But alas ... the issue of limited stock has reared its ugly head, and disappointed many. How did I get it? No magic involved. I got the very last one off the shelf after stalking it for months (back in June). The moral of the story? Be aggressive. B-E aggressive! In other news, here's how I dressed her up!

I borrowed some stuff from our Billy Jader to see exactly what Raskog was capable of.

From left to right:  Ice bucket - Crate and Barrel  My special wine glass that I use for parties (it has rings of color so that I don't have to …