It's so unfortunate that many people totally disregard the most important feature in the bedroom - your bed!  I absolutely love it when people add some flair to the headboard and create an awesome focal point. If done right, it can be a great start to developing a stunning bedroom retreat. Here are some awesome options in which to be inspired...

Vintage letters set the stage for lots of interest and the lantern adds a cool pop of color!
By far my favorite! 

Sheers hung behind the bed and an ornate frame suspended
from wire is so clever, and might I add... chic!

How cute is this? Vintage records are colorful, sturdy, and can be picked up at your local
Goodwill for next to nothing! Definitely a win-win situation!

Your favorite tapestry and a nice drapery rod collaborate to form a delicate headboard that you can change as often as your bed partner - totally kidding.

Your old wrought iron screen desperate for a makeover?
Just pick up your favorite color, spray, mount, and enjoy.

With more substantial light fixtures, this could of been a home run,
but I love the thought of using canvases. In this particular space, using two kind of reminds of the idea of two becoming one! :) You can cover it with fabric or paint 'till your heart's desire.

Moral of the story? Think outside of the bed frame people! I promise you'll be glad you did!

I've always wanted cute luggage - call it a obsessive girly thing. I told myself that when I graduated from college I would get a cute set of luggage, but I'm finding that mini vacations (or even weekends for that matter) are not exactly within my reach with my job (sigh). So I'll definitely invest when I know that I'll get some time to show it off!  Anyhoo, check this out.

I saw this luggage at TJMAXX and totally fell in love. The color combination is just darling!
There's just something about being a girl and having cute luggage.
I could see myself going on a nice little road trip to see my boo.

Yeah, they have a cute, little dot pattern. So adorable!

What good is a sweet thing to put your stuff in, without a cute liner? True to what girls love!
Definitely hope that this will be one of my next purchases.   :)

Because my fiance Brandon is an avid lover of fruit snacks, we mutually agreed that we had to incorporate candy into our wedding. After doing some research, I found that having a candy bar at the reception has become a huge trend. Colorful candies, playful containers, adorable decorations, and a touch of whimsy collaborate to form a memorable candy oasis that guests are sure to talk about long after the wedding is over! Here's what I found for inspiration.

1. Monochromatic colors make the biggest impact.
2.The added height and colorful sashes call more attention to the goodies.
3. Colorful lolly pops and a charming focal wall is nothing short of adorable.
4. An myriad of candy dishes keeps it interesting.
5. Framed quotes and a custom "Love Sweet Love" banner make it personal.
6. Simple goodie bags complement the table quite nicely.
7. An an assortment of colors keeps your eye moving around the table.
8. Candles illuminate the yumminess.

So I started thinking about where I could score some of these adorable apothecary jars, and lo and behold I found a lot full at my favorite closeout store - TJ Maxx.

Of course they were pretty inexpensive, between $5.99 - $12.99 a container. Yea!

Antique-treated glasses also caught my eye which totally screamed vintage chic.


These little cake dishes were adorable and so cheap - only $5.99 a piece!

Of course cylinder vases could totally work because I love the variance in height. And the best thing about all of this is that with containers this cheap, plus the cost of candy has the potential  to be an inexpensive diy project that will make a huge impact at our wedding. Just think of all the cute pictures! :)

No one ever said that finding the best stuff on the internet was easy, especially when it comes to furnishing a home. Our need for a unique, exclusive space makes websites like Ebay and Craigslist potential goldmines - that is if you're up for the hunt. My weakness? Furniture with clean lines and  anything reminiscent of Mid-century Modern.  But a funny thing happens when you come across something amazing - the price is unbelievable, the location of the item couldn't be closer, and all 9 planets align (that's right, I'm still in denial about Pluto - blame my fifth-grade education). Here are some of the cool things I've come across lately, and though I couldn't jump on them, kudos to whoever gets to live with these masterpieces.


Decorative Chairs $200.00 available on Craigslist for pick-up only in the Newburyport area of Boston. This is a STEAL! I swear if I were anywhere close they would soooo be mine!

Urban Outfitters Mid-century Danish Modern Daybed. So apartment worthy! It's on reserve for $350.00 on Ebay with 10 current bidders.

This 1950's boomerang sofa is beyond cool.
There are currently no bids and it's sitting pretty at $349.00 on Ebay with no reserve.

Riessner Werke 1958 Slipper Chair. The shape reminds me of the Jens Risom chair, but fully upholstered. The chair needs a little love, but at $49.99 and no reserve it's so do-able!

This blue-green tweed sofa screams retro and for a lovely $99.99 on Ebay, it won't break the bank.
Are you thinking Salvador Dali lip sofa?

A 1950's $80 desk from the Atlanta area on Craigslist. Painted a funky color, it could really sing.
Apple, Turquoise, or hot pink would really do it justice.

This dresser is only $70! A new coat of glossy white would really bring this dresser back to life, and some cool hardware wouldn't hurt either. I'd probably finish it off with some Vinna handles from IKEA.

Oh Vermont, why must YOU be the state with the awesome turquoise chairs? I would love to give these metal and teak chairs a home. They are listed as $59 for the pair which is utterly ridiculous!

Eames inspired, anyone? This Danish Modern lounge chair and ottoman are only $99 on Ebay. P.S. The stained plywood back is simply stunning! Anyhoo, I could go on and on, but I'll stop. Keep your fingers crossed for good deals nearby, and I'll do the same!

So I was browsing today like a do often, and found something that made me smile. It was a chair set named after ME... well at least that's what I'd like to think. Okay, me and the chair share the same name - that's better. But this is still pretty cool, as well as sort of bizarre. Anywhoo, here it is.

It's called the Rae White chair and it comes in a set of two for $129.99. I actually like the contrast of the white lacquer with the chrome legs. There are no customer reviews on the chairs yet, but I would like to think that they have pretty good quality. Overstock is known for having pretty reasonably-priced knock-offs, so I'm hoping whoever gets them will be happy with their purchase. The Rae White line also comes in a set of counter or bar stools.

Someone actually gave these stools a 5-star rating, so that's pretty cool. My chairs are a hit!And let's not forget about the coffee and side tables.

You can find other great knock-offs like designs from Eames, Saarinen, Mies van der Rohe, Corbusier, Phillipe Stark, and other greats! P.S. - I won't tell, if you won't tell. :)

It's not every day that I come across truly beautiful fabrics. Up till now, my only real exposure to fabrics were the extremely expensive wholesale samples I lucked upon for school thanks to my internship, friends, or acquaintances. Sure there are places like Walmart, Joann's, Hobby Lobby, and Michael's, but what happens when nothing catches your eye enough to actually use it in your home? Well, you go online. And once you find it - well... you're inspired.

Carla Miller Plume Collection - 3 yard set for $19.99 Available by Fabricworm on

Here's how to build a room around it.

The navy sofa is dark enough to ground the room and act as neutral. Olive turquoise are sprinkled evenly throughout. Orange accessories add a little pop. And for the fabric, use it as accent pillows, table runners, curtain panels, artwork stretched across a canvas, or upholster an old chair, bench cushion or ottoman - get creative!

Who says that the bridesmaid dresses have to cost and arm and a leg? Sure David's Bridal is the go-to for bridesmaid dresses, but I started thinking, why not step outside of the box and perhaps save the girls some money. Lots of other retailers make wedding-worthy dresses. Searching for "party dress" instead of "bridesmaid dress" can often yield fabulous results. I'm going to stay on the lookout, but here are some cute (and rather inexpensive) dresses that I found recently.

"The Vogue Dress" from - $48.00

"Meet Your Match Dress" in Hot Pink - $47.00

"Date Dress" in Pink - - $57.00

Merona "Fandango Dress with Sash" -  $39.99

Merona "Taffeta Party Dress" in Fandango or Cloisonne - $39.99

Merona "Belted Party Dress" in Cloisonne - $39.99

Mossimo Strapless Bubble Dress in Spanish Brown - $39.99

Hey, with dresses this versatile, bridesmaids could actually wear them again and not look like a bridesmaid!  And with prices like these, why not splurge on some killer shoes? Just a thought. I'll keep you posted.