When I get really bored I start to switch things up. So that's how our Malm occasional table went from a random collection of cute things ...

To a place to pour drinks!

Allow me to explain. For the past two years our Billy bookcase has been appointed with the task of housing most of our various bar accoutrements. But a problem arose as I began to collect more vintage decanters from Goodwill, and we started filling them with libations. Reaching up and over other things to take them down started to become a real drag. Instead of shifting everything to the bottom shelf, I decided to relocate our bar ware to the other side of the dining room. 

When I was done with this particular vignette, I couldn't help but think it belonged in a CB2 catalog... remember these cubes from here? I definitely like them better stacked.

The middle of the table has our dormant orchid, one of our Missoni by Target candles, and the snack bowl from the kitchen full of corks.

I can't believe that we've collected six decanters so far, and that four out of  the six came from Goodwill! The two with the matching finials were sweet Christmas gifts from my in-laws. We feel like such adults! I stole the tray from our office to group them, which just so happened to fit them perfectly. As our collection grows I'm sure I'll have to do some more shifting around, but for now it's kinda cool.

On the end I placed our ice bucket, wine decanter and bar tools.

I'm so pumped to have some visitors so that we can test it all out. Not bad for things we already had scattered around our crib, huh?  Next I would like to remix the artwork and add more height to the wall. I also need to fill in some gaps in the Billy. Wish me luck!