While out with my mommy in-law on Saturday (yes, I was off on a Saturday...) I picked up some extra pillows for our Cooper Sofa in the sunroom.

Pillows one, two, and five in case you were wondering ... for less than $7 each. I've been hanging on to the other two quite a while. I bought them for around 4 bucks months before we moved. What can I say? I just can't resist a cheap chic pillow. I also bought some shades for two small acrylic lamps that I had been holding on to for a long time.

I was a little skeptical at first because I wasn't sure if I liked the shades, that's why hey're still sporting the plastic, but they're growing on me. The lamps are so tiny, and I kept thinking about "finding the perfect shade" - thanks to my decorative accessories class. You might wonder what they're sitting on. Brace yourself, 'cause you ain't ready!

Yep. It's true. But it's not just any box, it's the bike that my job gave us for Christmas. Yeah, my job gave us bikes for Christmas and mine is still in the box behind our sofa, politely posing as a glorified sofa table. I suppose I could cover it with some yards of fabric though. Do not hate.

So now for the reason for the title of my post. I rearranged our chairs one day after work, and I realized that there is an overwhelming amount of pairs in our apartment. It's like every piece of furniture needs a mate or something. Very Weird.

 Again, please do not hate. I'm working on my pair addiction. There has got to be a support group or something. The candle holders is just ridic! But to my credit they are different shapes of rock. 

Anyhoo, that's all for now. The first step is admitting the problem. I know that 3's 5's and 7's are much more lovely in a space, and I intend on working it out. Promise.
So a few weekends ago my sweetie surprised me with a night at the W hotel in Buckhead. Needless to say, I was way more excited about the design than the luxury of staying away for the night. He knows that I love boutique hotels, and I've always love to experience the feeling of a uniquely designed space. Check out these photos!

The vanity was petite, yet so classic.

The toilet and shower area was so luxe. Don't worry, there was a sliding door for privacy. I am a HUGE fan of subway tile. Later we found that the little towel had the word "step" imprinted to prevent a "slip, fall, and bust your head open" type of situation because the tile was so slippery. Way to recover from a potential design disaster. Well played designer friend, well played.

This huge orange lamp was so delightful, and I loved the punch of color as soon as you walked in. A little secret - the inside of the chest of drawers were painted an aqua blue! :)

I loved the upholstered headboard! Another cool feature that I forgot to photograph was the ceiling. The dark headboard trim was actually mimicked on the on the ceiling which gave it more of the canopy feeling. Trust me, it was ultra cool.

Love the orange desk and the modern glam chair. Not to mention the broadloom was so much more exciting  than the typical brocade and damask that one would usually encounter in a hotel space. I would have loved to devise a cord management solution here since there were so many other great ideas for cords  throughout the room, but hey, it was nonetheless beautiful. 

 The dining area was my favorite. I loved the patterned chairs and the hanging pendant. The cord for the light was cleverly concealed within the chain, which was then tucked neatly into the box for the air conditioner.

 Ha! You can kind of see the trim of the headboard on the ceiling from the mirror behind the tv. The cords for the television were concealed behind the television and ran through the thick baseboard below. I also can't get enough of thick frames.

Here's B raiding integrated fridge and mini bar. Everything was so modern and chic. It is my dream to design modern hospitality spaces, and Brandon always seems to do something ultra sweet to feed my starving design reality. He's the best! Can't wait for another fine hospitality experience! Thanks, Boo!
Allow me to introduce you to our future coffee table.

I've been watching this table on Overstock for months, and it's finally time to take the plunge. I love acrylic, and I love curves, so naturally this is the best of both worlds. And look, it  even has a little insert for magazines! I can't wait until it's safe and sound in our living room. Karim Rashid may not be too ecstatic that I have a crush on his design at a lower price, but nonetheless I appreciate the overall creativity and innovation that went into designing this masterpiece.
Thanks to the wonderful folks at cb2, Brandon and I finally got a pair of dining chairs! You'll never guess what color though! 

Oh yeah, baby - goldenrod! Why you might ask? Well, I was well over the lack of color in our dining area, and we just couldn't pass up a sweet deal - only $32.00 each! 

And they were totally made for us because they were definitely the last two. Some might wonder what we'll do with two yellow chairs instead getting four. Well, design is all about risk, and I for one am totally excited about mixing dining chairs as the opportunity presents itself. Also because we got them on the cheap, we could always use them for extra seating somewhere else down the road. Best of all, B likes them just as much as I do and we can finally seat four around the table without having to get our rolling office chairs.

I still think that everything looks so sweet and crisp, just like I like it, and best of all - we're building our home with pieces we love.

And for those of you who were following "the great storage debate", you can see the sideboard we chose. 

I actually like the key opening much more than I initially thought I would. It's adorable. Eventually we would like to get a second one and push them together to form one long credenza. Much like this -

Anyhoo. I'm pretty pleased for now. Next on the agenda is figuring out what kind of art I want on the focal wall. Here is what we have across from the room near the hallway.

The angled wall is cool. The green picks up the living room, and of course marries the yellow from the dining chairs. Below are the pieces we have yet to hang on the wall - still looking for the perfect places, but we'll get there. Once we find a home for them, I would love to hack a small console table to attach to the wall under the art. Uh oh, there goes my creative wheels turning again...
So naturally we are still in the process of dressing up the bedroom ,and with every step I'm getting closer and closer to the Sunny and Chic I had imagined. We recently changed the bedding, and I'm loving the color scheme. Before I show you, remember the whirly hanging lights that we installed above the bed? I've been asked a few times how they look when lit. Here's a peek. P.S. the cute little birdies came from CB2 (they are actually candle holders) but when I came in on day they were on the headboard smooching - that clever hubby of mine!

Of course above this is with the flash, so here's a shot in the dark.

Kinda hard to see, but you get the idea. It's a very cute and unexpected element - not to mention what some people have called quite romantic... Anyhoo, we finally changed the bedding, and here is what things are looking like now-a-days.

To be honest, I hadn't intended on keeping the turquoise lamps in the bedroom, but I think they do wonders for breaking up the almost monochromatic color scheme, so for now I actually really like them. When my mommy was visiting, she helped me hang the burlap drapes, but now they're almost looking a little drab, so I may revisit another solution. As for the birch lack tables, they are totally going as soon as I can figure out what alternative I would like. Here is what I picked out initially.

Glass Accent Table 25"

These beauties from Target are $89.99, but after some measurements I realized that they would be too tall for the bed. But I love the mirror side table look, so now this is what I'm contemplating:

Mirror F-table 18"x18"
This one is also from Target and at $99.99 it may just work. It's definitely a better height (only 1/4" taller than the lack tables. Of course I have to consider an option from work, but right now, all I can come up with are these:

Klubbo Nesting Tables
I think they would look cute nesting on either side, but I am considering the fact that I want contrast and black brown on black brown is almost overkill. Plus, even though they are less expensive (at only $79.99 for the set) I might as well save up a little more and splurge. Like what you see or have some suggestions, hit me up!