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January 21, 2010

Since going into married life would require me to shake my "college chic decor" (yes that's what we're calling it), I'd imagine our future love nest as a mix of regency and mid-century modern, done tastefully and beautifully of course. I just love to thrift and dream. Here are some love thrift items that I've drooled over.

There is an A to Z thrift store in the area that had been calling my name for quite some time. This vintage beauty was only $200. Had I had a place to put it (and a way to take it home) I may have made it mine.

I loved the light hues of yellow, slate, and steel running throughout.  Plus, can we talk about the shape of this sofa? How classic. Even though it had a dominate pattern, I could see it working with a nice steam cleaning,  some down-filled pillows in the same shades, and a soft, creamy lamb skin rug below.

Oh Wassily, Wassily, how I adore thee. Even though this was clearly a knock-off I couldn't help but be mesmerized by the shape. The gray straps weren't by any means leather (they were vinyl, and it was obvious) but what can I say? I probably would've bought it for kicks and giggles (and sitting)  had it been cheaper than $95.

I could barely contain myself when I saw this dining set on Craigslist (thanks to Apartment Therapy). Truth be told, the chic potential on this one was so high that I simply couldn't contain myself. The whole set of 5 pieces were being sold for $600. If only I lived in California (bummer, I know). I'd recover those seats in a heartbeat and give that table some tlc for an adorable dining experience. Le sigh...

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