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January 22, 2010

Over the summer when I took an impromptu trip to Charleston, SC, I remember being quite upset that I didn't do a little more research for my hotel. Of course I ended staying in your run-of-mill peach walls and floral pattern beadspread, no-wi-fi excuse for a hotel, but I remember saying to myself that my next trip was going to be different. As I drove off to explore the town, I remember saying that I wanted to "stay there" (as a child would say) as I pointed to a lovely, innovative hotel just blocks from mine. It was Aloft!

The brain child of W Hotels, Aloft features fresh, modern, and some would even go as far as to say funky, take on your typical hotel. It's definitely for the hipsters.

Got enough color and texture? Yeah, me too, but I wholeheartedly appreciate the concept. Definitely in your face and fun. Hundreds of times better than the place where I was shacking up.

 And let's not forget the awesome grown-up juice spot appropriately called the w xyz bar! They also boast a yummy grab-and-go snack lounge where you can "re-fuel" after your travels.


And of course the rooms are all swanky and modern, and the 9-foot floor to ceiling windows give it that lofty feel (how appropriate). Now, let me give you the good news first - When you book a day you can get the second day 50% off. And if you book through Expedia or Priceline, you can get a room for as cheap as $69 a night. Now for the bad news, Aloft isn't scheduled to hit the ATL until September 1, 2012. And the other bad news, I could have gotten a room at Aloft for about the same price as the drab one I booked in Charleston. Now how about that?!!

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