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working girl - R79

I've been a busy little bee. September and October has been pretty big for kitchens. Change has been sweeping its way through the department, and as always I've been working hard to make sure we present our customers with the best IKEA have to offer! The first challenge came with the redesign of our low price kitchen. Yeah, another low price room. Now I have another one under my belt! Check out my first low price room here.
Originally, our low price kitchen was a small galley style in Applad white, to the tune of around $2,000. But IKEA loves to throw curve balls whenever necessary, you know, to keep it's customers, competition, and even its co-workers on their toes. Gnosjo is our brand-new door style replacing IKEA's Nexus black brown, but also taking Applad white's title as the low-price door in our range. I was pretty skeptical as to how the finish would actually look, but the new door has so much visual and physical texture, that when I saw it installed, I imm…

working girl - princess room

Just wanted to stop by with a quick, little update that I did a while back! Besides Kitchens and Dining, I am also responsible for Children's IKEA, which is currently composed of 4 roomsettings. To tell the truth, this area needs a full overhaul, and I've been told to do the bare minimum until I can fully plan a remodel for the area (along with the Com-In manager, my interior design manager, the Children's IKEA manager, and the sales manager). Needless to say, it takes a lot of collaboration before we can begin something like this. Until that glorious day when I can say goodbye to the current roomsettings, I'll continue to make a few small updates here and there. Today's update is a focal wall inspired by the Torva Veggies in R94.
Here's the before:

Yeah, as focal wall, this one is pretty sad. Our team dubbed this room the "princess room" even though it lacked a princess vibe and rocked a veggie motif. This wall had to go.  I had been twitching to ge…