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making room

It's quite an understatement to say I've been putting a little thought into how I want to arrange our new apartment. I've been looking for new furniture, pinning endless possibilities on Pinterest, and of course sketching. Here's a sneak peak at the floor plan that I've been playing around with.

What I find most interesting about this move is that we will already have most of our furniture, whereas with our first place, we were committing to a space without owning anything. This layout is just a rough sketch, but it really helped me think logically about places for the things that we already own. Here's a breakdown: Just like our first place, we will be having two bedrooms and two baths. One bedroom will be used as an office. Also, I've always heard that having separate bathrooms can only help a marriage, and I must admit - so far, so good.Brandon will also have a walk-in closet this time around instead of closet with by-folding doors. Perhaps this will sol…

waterdream pt. 2

I told you that I would be back to talk about the awesome advertising campaign for MODA's Waterdream bathroom exhibit. Well, what screams bathrooms more than a rubber ducky?

Picture a sea of rubber duckies dispersed all over the city. Seeing as though we don't live in Atlanta, I had no idea that this was going on. When I left the museum, I saw all these ducks on the ground. Brandon then told me that they are strategically placed all over to entice the community to check out the exhibit. And that's not all. Check out the message.

It reads:  If you're going to take me,  at least come see  WaterDream at MODA  on 16th & Peachtree Ave.  & POST A PHOTO OF ME in your bathroom - Tweet my whereabouts @  #MODAtl (P.S. my name is Mo'Duck)
I love it! Here are the photos that I took of Mo' Duck in our bathrooms.

How you like me now?

Pretty awesome advertising, huh? I'm a sucker for cute, interactive stuff. Now I'm off to p…


For those of you who don't know, I have the best hubby ever. How so? Well, on my rare Saturday off last week, he took me on a design adventure. Where do you ask? Well, to MODA of course. For those of you who may not be familiar with MODA, it's the Museum of Design Atlanta in Midtown, and needless to say, it was amazing! Their special exhibit was Waterdream: The Art of Bathroom Design. Surprised that I was able to take pictures? Yeah, me too!

Long story short, 4 designers were asked to create their version of a dream bathroom for the exhibit, which focused on custom bathroom fixtures. Here's a sneak peak into what I loved about each of them.

Jean-Marie Massaud melded the four elements - water, air, fire, and earth. I loved his sketches, and the 3-curve bathtub was nothing short of dreamy.

Patricia Uriquola's idea was to reference a time when we all had to fetch our water to take a bath. She played up the idea of integrated handles, and letting the user choose when to …

bar "tending"

Call me crazy, but I have been completely obsessed with bar carts. Don't get me wrong, I'm totally not an alchie, but me and the hubs do like to partake in an adult beverage every now and then. I thought that instead of our liquor bottles randomly sitting in the kitchen - Brandon's current spot for his rum is on a tray that sits atop the microwave - a cute bar cart would be well... cute. Here are some pretty hot contenders for the job.
First, you know how budget conscious I am, so let's start out with something easily obtainable.

Bygel Utility Cart - $29.99
Cute, basic, and dare I say, utilitarian? I had been scoping out the arrival of this little baby for months. Honestly, it's a blank canvas, so dressing it up with some personality would totally be the name of the game. It also helps that the Bygel family has cute little accessories like this that you can hang on the side (see the clips above). Here's the same little cart dressed as bathroom storage.

I like …

movin' on up...

That's right, after almost a year in our first little married-eighties apartment, it's time to look forward. My hubby and I are moving to the city and I couldn't be happier! For some reason or another, I've always wanted to live "in" instead of "around" Atlanta - call me the country girl with the big city dreams!
As for our new apartment, let's just call it a total upgrade. Here are some details that have me all excited.

We'll be living on the third floor - with elevators!Virtually brand-spankin' new compared to our current place, so you know what that means - awesome finishes! Can't wait to use our new bathrooms, and they'll be so much easier to keep clean! Beautiful kitchen with stainless steel appliances, double kitchen sink, granite countertops. (I feel like a realtor whenever I say that). Nine foot ceilings - the closest to "loft living" that we'll be able to get right now.We didn't have to sacrifice a huge…

frame-y pt.duex

Believe it or not, hanging artwork has been the hardest thing for me since we've been here. Because I've never had the authority to hang artwork in other places I've lived, I've been trying to take my time and do what feels right. It's been taking a while, but I'm slowly, but surely getting there. Remember these? Well, I finally placed our initials inside of them from our wedding.

Oh, and see those green wall flowers to the left of the "B"? I may be spraying them gold next week, and FINALLY finishing our picture collage.

Check out the room.

Sorry for the darkish picture. Notice the chair with the zig-zag fabric that is currently holding MORE frames that need to be hung - go figure! More to come, stay tuned.