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March 9, 2010

So needless to say I've been a little busy bee with all this wedding planning going on. I always had the idea of sending cute bridesmaid invites because "the call after the proposal" thing was never really my style. I really needed to think about some things, about how I really felt about my girls, and more importantly how I wanted them to feel. Below is my bridesmaid invite -a packet if you will- for the most important ladies in my life. I sent them a few weeks ago and to my pleasing heart, they were delighted to receive them!

This page was personalized with each girl's name. Notice the "r&b" in the background; it's officially our monogram for all of our paper goods. The font was essential to me because I really wanted to hand write them but was finding consistency quite difficult (and time consuming). I love the textual paper, but I promised myself I wouldn't go overkill. Someone may have to stop me...

I felt that this page was absolutely necessary. Let's just say that prior experiences gave me the need to make sure that my bridesmaids not only felt comfortable calling me out or giving me advice, I also wanted them to know that this experience will not, under any circumstances, become bigger than their lives and our friendship.

So often I feel like bridesmaids don't receive a clearly-defined role and that they're just expected to know what their duties are. Of course this really isn't the case. I know that most things I'll have to take care of on my own, but there are always some biggies that make the bridesmaid experiences worthwhile. Mind you, I have 5 of them, so if some of them are busy doing amazing things in their life while I'm cutting invites and watching male strippers (okay, just joking, well, not really) then I totally understand.

Of course the dress thing is always a big issue and I wanted to do my best to explain my thought process. Hopefully everything will work out wonderfully, and it will all turn out amazing. I also made a fourth sheet entitled "here's the skinny" but that one is about time, location, arrangements, etc. - You know, top secret bridesmaid stuff lol! I'll share some more little tidbits soon. Stay tuned!

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  1. cute! the packages were such a good idea. i really like that! :)


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