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March 29, 2010

Who doesn't love a Whopper every now and then? Well, let me not lie, it's been a LONG time since the last time I had one - back in my college days! (Insert chuckle.) Anyway, I was so surprised to see the Burger King right next to my job on Northside Drive had been completely demolished. I was astonished of course because the first thing I thought was "Is McDonald's next door and Krystal's across the street really killing the infamous Whopper (or as my fiance likes to refer to it: beating b*tches down). Okay, flash forward to my drive home. As I passed it, I noticed a sign posted in front of The King's rubble "Future home of BK image", with a picture of a builder holding architectural plans. I had to get to the bottom of this.

But first, an advertisement for your amusement:

This was the first thing that turned up in my search. "Fill your desire for something long, juicy and flame broiled..." Yes, it's quite suggestive, but funny none the less. I say, why not make food advertisements funny? It all goes in (and out) the same way, so to me it's really not that serious. And just as you may have wondered, BK most certainly caught some heat for this advertisement. As for the coy ad executive that gave it the O.K. - give that guy a raise!

And while we're talking about clever advertisements, how about this one?


So for the premise: In large cities people have found these wallets laying on the street, park bench, etc. Clever marketing huh? You get a a wallet full of coupons to spend on BK goods! P.S. I love the license.

Okay, now I've got you hyped about going to BK, right? But how does all of this translate into the branding for its interiors? I did a little more digging, and the results may or may not astound you. To keep up with the Mc Cafe's that are popping up all over the place, BK had to do something...

Oh yes, ladies and gentleman, may I introduce the Whopper Bar. Complete with Whopper-istas (Hey, a nod to your favorite Starbucks employee) and get this  - you ain't even ready - you can actually get a BEER with your Whopper and Fries for $7.99, courtesy of Anheuser Busch and Miller! The first Whopper Bar debuted as a pilot in Orlando, and by golly gosh, it's catching on. You can customize your burger with 22 different toppings and have it made right before your very eyes! "Have it your way" just got a little more meaningful.

The color scheme? Red, black, and gunmetal -otherwise known as sexy. Combine that with the dollar menu and the fact that the Mc Donald's next to the one that will be built down from my job is extremely old and outdated, BK will definitely be doing the beating of ... well you get the point. No word as to whether this will be the exact design for our location, but hey, why not? A sexy new image and interior? What's not to love?

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  1. Beer at BK?? Guess you can't order that through the drive-thru, huh? ;) Looks snazzy though. And I LOVE the wallet campaign!


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