low price lust

November 29, 2009

So after a trip to Atlantic Station with my boo, we stumbled into Z Gallerie and completely fell in lust with lots of the luxurious things that we found there. One mainly being this amazing X Canopy queen bed.

Yeah, it's a little pricey at $1,099, but after all, my dad did say that he'd buy us a bed for our wedding... but of course, I kind of talked us out of the purchase - at least for now. It stands at 7 feet tall and some change, and I can't help but keep a designer outlook at the fact that a typical apartment will have an 8 foot ceiling - let's not even talk about a ceiling fan. So if we get a bed like this, aesthetically, we only have two options - a cool loft, or our first house purchase (hopefully with at least 9 foot ceilings). So we had to come up with an alternative (that was more pricey of course) but I'm good at finding comparable alternatives. 

Meet the Nina bed at $1,699. Yeah, it's a beauty. I'm totally in love with the wingback chair headboard. So I scoured the net until I found another one.

Costco!!! Yeah, I couldn't believe it either! At $599, it's pretty close. More of an angled back and no tufts, but I'm still falling in love with it. But I definitely won't knock Z Gallerie's prices. Lots of things were extremely reasonable, and when I'm a "big ballin' designer" (yes, that's what we call it) I'll invest in some really chic things. Let's not forget, we still have to do our wedding registry (the less expensive accessories of course). Until then, I'll continue to be a baller on a budget.


  1. i'm really diggin the nina bed & i'm glad you were able to find a more affordable version. cool. besides, i'm a gallerie groupie...love that place!

  2. i love, love, love the dark wood on the canopy bed!


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