me and my missoni

October 3, 2011

I have to admit, I was pretty bummed when I waltzed into Target the same afternoon that Missoni hit the shelves. I looked upon the empty shelves in horror thinking, "Really? It's all gone? All of it?"

As my hubby said, this person who owns this room must have gotten there first.

Yeah, it sucked. I guess I should have realized how big of a deal it was when I inadvertently logged on to Target's website early that morning to check out something random. I say "something random" because for the life of me I can't remember what it was. All I remember was that their website was down... so far down that a screen with the little Target doggie appeared and said, " We're a little busy right now, but I'll try to get you in as soon as possible".

I swear that's what he said; like he was a bouncer or something.(Hey, he might be a she, so let me not pass judgment.) Then I went to Apartment Therapy's website and saw a post explaining that Target's website was down because Missoni had just dropped it like it was hot. True story. Well, I ad-libbed a bit, but you get the idea.

Anyhoo, I leisurely made my way out to the Target in Atlantic Station - how dumb of me to go to the one in the middle of the city - but long story short, everything was pretty much gone. A Target employee sprinkling a Missoni display with the leftovers caught my horrified expression and told me that they opened at 8am and that by 8:05am everything was gone. He then told me that I could try back later because they MIGHT be getting more merchandise. Key word being "might" (obviously). So I left without taking anything home with me. Call me selective.

Flash forward a week later. I was browsing Target's website and amidst all of the "currently out of stock" Missoni stuff, I found something amazing. Insert the coolest ottoman ever.

At $99, it was saying "Buy me... buy me before I'm gone."

I ignored the impulse and lived a few more days without it. After about 3 days I checked Target's website and it was still there. I knew that I could wait no longer, so I told my hubby that I wanted it, in nonchalant sort of way, so as not to sound too desperate.

His response, "Buy it."

So of course I did. Like an obedient little wife should. With a discount and free shipping, I ended up spending $101.77. Not bad for a zig-zag pentagonal pouf. Where did I plan to put it? In my new walk-in closet of course!

Flash forward to a week later. While visiting Brandon's Auntie, I had got a hold of the Target in Hiram - which was virtually untouched. I snagged 2 boxes, a cosmetics bag which I plan to rock as a clutch (call me a rebel) and a shower curtain. BTW, eBay sellers are selling the same pouf for upwards of $250, and the shower curtain for as much as $100. Really eBay? Okay, whatever.

Check out that loot!

Did I mention that's it's going to look pretty awesome in my new closet? This is just a test to make sure that you're paying attention. In other news... our new place is the jam! Fill you in on the next post! :)

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