August 10, 2010

Brandon and I have finally found a place to begin our life post-marriage and I can not be more excited! We'll be moving into a 2 bed, 2 bath, with a sun room. Awesome, right? So with the move in date just over a month from now I figured that there's no time like the present to start choosing the staples that will collaborate to form our humble abode. What better place for me to start than at my favorite furniture store where it would be absolutely criminal if I did not take advantage of my resources. Here's what we're working with.

I am so in love with this Flyn Beata curtain panel set. I always like to start a room with some inspiration and I think that this is it. The colors are beautiful and I would love to pull some colors from this panel to splash around the apartment (of course sparingly because I'm over my college kaleidoscope of color phase). What do you say? I think it's a great place to start.

If you've been with me since the beginning, you probably remember my coveted Sater (klamby) sofa. It's so completely comfortable and great for cuddling (we've already tried it out). And plus, as my very first sofa, I really don't think I could have done better for a 100 dollars! It's a great staple and I can't wait to give it a proper home. Imagine filling it with colorful pillows and luscious textures.

And seriously, how awesome is this Regolit light fixture? I can see it behind my sofa just illuminating all of our adorable throw pillows. Our apartment is wired and capped off for overhead light fixtures (we were told that our maintenance person can wire whatever fixtures we choose), but for the living room, I think that this overhead floor lamp will really set the mood.

Just so you know, I've been a total nut going back and forth between prospective dining tables. This Bjursta table had my heart in the end. I'm a sucker when it comes to round tables, but my main concern was how we were going to accommodate more friends and family when he had people over. Good thing this baby extends!
Yep, at a moment's notice, we can seat up to six people, which is pretty awesome for an apartment. So I'm pretty happy with it, and when I showed it to Brandon we agreed that indeed it was pretty awesome. Now I just need to pick some chairs (which is also proving to be harder than I initially thought).

Because our second bedroom will be used as an office, I thought it would be cool to create an individual workspace for each of us. With Brandon's vision of "a study" and I figured we would could at least ground the room with some Expedit workstations while I decide exactly what constitutes a "unisex study". We may end up going with a small loveseat sofa bed for the occasional overnight crasher, but other than that, it's all about post-college book storage, possible design projects, blogging, and I.T. teleworking (okay, and youtube watching...)

And for our newlywed bedroom, we chose the Jett Bed from Z Gallerie! I've been keeping an eye on this bed for a while now, and at such a nice price, how could I you not love it? It's a platform bed with a slatted bed base, and the cut outs keep it nice and airy. I figured we could work up to the other awesome beds they have when we buy our dream house, but for now, I'm so excited about beginning our lives with this one. P.S. I can't WAIT to dress it up and call it our sanctuary! What do you think? Stay tuned! More to come.

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