with a few extra bucks

May 8, 2011

Did you know that you could build a whole room around Target's online products? I mean, they have some really chic stuff. With a few extra bucks, here's how I would would do.

First, every room needs it's a statement piece, and this would be mine. How freakin' awesome it this chair? I love the pattern and the tapered leg.

Then I would through in a settee. So stately, isn't it? Just the right touch of elegance.

Then to shake things up, I'd flank the settee with a loveseat. Same leg, different shape. Sexy little thing!

And who wouldn't love brightly-colored bar stools? The color is modern, but the shape and the cane rush seat takes it back a few years... makes it cozy.

These pieces are so adorable. Maybe next apartment...


  1. like the chair and the bar stools!

  2. I love the settee. I've been looking for bride and groom chairs for my wedding. But I think this would be nice too. They have a black and white one that is a damask pattern. I can just picture the photo ops in my dress. :-)


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