here's our hallway

May 9, 2011

Big thanks to my awesome hubby for fixing my scanner! Now I can finally share some of the quick sketches from my sketchbook. Here's the latest my concoction for our hallway.

As you can see, our ceiling drops down to about 7 feet as you enter the hallway off of our dining area. I must admit, it isn't the most ideal piece of architectural detail, but nonetheless, I knew that I had to embrace it.  My recipe called for for a few items that I had been gathering: an IKEA abstract Hallaryd painting, grass bunches and glass drop vases from CB2, as well as some UMBRA wall flowers. 
Here's how it turned out:

Not too shabby, huh? Best of all, I love that there's something a little extra to look at on my way to our bedroom. :)

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  1. Love the wall of flowers!! It's like a lovely garden on the wall which is perfect for someone like me. I have such a non-green thumb, I managed to kill a cactus! They live in the desert! They are supposed to be survivors!
    Great job, chic girl!


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