pretty edges

March 8, 2011

So you know that I can't stay out of Homegoods. I simply can't leave that place without taking something with me! This time was no exception. Here's what I found...

The PERFECT mirror, but I couldn't decide on the color. And it PLAGUED me! All in all, I made the executive design decision that included taking the white mirror home. Why, you may ask? Well, since I knew that I wanted to use it in our bedroom, I wanted it to stand out amongst all of our dark furniture. Believe it or not, I've been looking for a scalloped edge mirror for a while (with a Moroccan vibe) so this one was totally right to take home. Look at how awesome it is with our comforter!

So exactly where do I plan on hanging it? Well, perfect you should ask, because I have just the place-

Right between our two windows. I also have some additional plans before hanging it up. It involves adding some color to the frame's cut outs. I promise it'll be cute! Wish me luck.

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