"nobody can be uncheered with a balloon." - winnie the pooh

September 15, 2009

Lately I've been coming across this sweet little trend of balloons at weddings. Now stay with me, I know that balloons may remind you more of a six-year-old's birthday party, but I promise when done right it can be pretty sophisticated and well... chic.

Here is a photo from the diy diva herself, Martha Stewart . I love this desert table because it's very simple and monochromatic. Notice how the shape of the balloons are more round and substantial than your every-day variety found at the local supermarket.

Here are more used as in an innovative way to display tags for table numbers. Notice again how everything is kept very neutral and how the numbers themselves really take center stage. Below it gets even better! My favorite application of balloons has to be those in the actual bridal photographs. I think that there is something really beautiful and innocent about how they are used here. Some take the neutral, but stunning approach while others go for juicy pops of color.





So what have we learned? Keep it round, keep it neutral (or even soft pops of color will work if you're bold enough) and most of all -  keep it fun!

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