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September 14, 2009

So I saw this photo of an awesome interior done by the ever-so-talented Cy Winship (a featured designer on HGTV's Decorating Cents). Now in syndication, the show has a guest designer every episode that helps conquer a room in need with the arsenal of only $500. Here's a snapshot of what Cy created.

So the piece that packs the most punch in this room has to be the sofa with the colorful pillows. That's when I started thinking. I said to myself. "Self, I wonder if I could recreate this sofa scape." Naturally, my thrifty design wheels started turning. Check out what I came up with to evoke the same "charcoal with a splash of vibrant color".

 First we have the stately cloth Sater sofa (also known as the Klamby) from IKEA. The sofa comes in at an affordable $199 and was available for a limited time during the labor day weekend special. It's also surprisingly comfortable. The shape and loose cushions are very similar to the inspiration room. I definitely wanted to purchase it, but sadly there was no space for me to store it while I look for an apartment. :(

Next I chose to mix up the pillows. This Nagu pillow from Target gives a nod to the green pillows Cy used and contrasts the charcoal pretty nicely. Not to mention that it echos the pink stripes that were used.

For the pink accent I also looked to Target for their embroidered toss pillow. The weaving is kinda reminiscent of the checkers in the inspiration room but in reverse which is pretty fresh because it was a happy accident on my part.

After studying the picture, I realized that there seems to be a small black pillow wedged between the middle of Cy's pillows, but instead of doing a regular gray pillow (you know, since I've been doing the inverse), I decided to go with a nice statement from cb2. I mean hey, you gotta make it your own!

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  1. Enjoyed the post babe.. i think you may just yet have a little something going with this :D


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