working girl - R92

January 11, 2014

Next up on the Children's IKEA remodel - R92. The idea, children go through lots of phases when it comes to their hobbies, interests, and style. How do you appease them while still leaving it flexible enough to for them to change their minds? How do you combine their interests so that it doesn't look like a hodge-podge? Welcome to room 92, home of a little 5 year-old who love soccer, but still loves toys and his favorite characters.

The stars of this show are the Kura Bed, and of course Stuva with Malad fronts. To make it work, every piece had its own color complement. Lime green fronts + a lime green tent, blue bed accents + blue chair, dark curtains + dark bedding, pine bed frame + pine storage, and lots of white throughout made this room feel cohesive. We even "took it there" and used carpet tiles reminiscent of a soccer field. It's fun, but it's focused. 

This Stuva unit is a beast! Can you believe that Marianne and I installed it by ourselves? And the over-cabinet Inreda lighting makes all the difference. We even floated the bottom cabinets to make space for rolling storage bins, and eventually a step stool.

The wall graphic was custom made by our store's graphic designer. We get a lot of questions about it, but a stencil and a couple of hours of concentration could get the same effect. These photos were taken before we installed plexiglass over the loft bed ladder for safety, but trust me when I say that it went up immediately. :)

Underneath the Kura bed is a little reading area complete with lighting, cushions, and wall pocket storage.

Thanks so much to David for the construction, Bob for the graphics, and Marianne for helping me bring this room to life. I'm very happy with it. What do you guys think?


  1. Well done. I love the way everything turned out, but the bed with the little reading area underneath is my favorite. Soooo cute.

    1. Thanks, Dee. I love how it turned out. Playful, but very simple. Once finished, it instantly became a high-traffic room. :)


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