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January 7, 2014

Remember that Children's IKEA remodel that I working on? Well, here's the next room we completed! Can you really fit a complete bedroom in a space small enough to be closet? Skeptical?  Let's call this an attic space conversion, and for kicks let's start with the closet.

Did you know that Stuva can make slanted ceilings look chic?

Add some integrated lighting (Komplement or Inreda) and you have yourself a fancy piece of storage or in our case, a closet. 

Then you bring the room together! To say I was challenged to create a floor plan for this space is a understatement. It's barely above 100 square feet, and a mouse hole (for our little customers) runs right into the space! Thank goodness the Minnen bed could be placed in its lowest position. Aside from sleeping, I wanted to incorporate a spot for clothes storage, reading, storing toys, and doing crafts.

The reading nook is adorable, but super practical. Deep sliding drawers a great for toys, and cabinets above can be used for books and out of season storage.

Initially this little nook was planned for our famous Mala easel, but let's face it, that thing sells itself. Plus, it fit so snug that Marianne suggested a little vanity instead. It turned out so perfect, and what little princess wouldn't love her own little vanity?

The textiles are bold and bright instead of sweet and saccharine, which is a nice change from our previous roomsettings. I totally need that Karlstad cushion in my life too.

I even turned the smallest Stuva into a doll house courtesy of our Huset dollhouse furniture.

A big thanks goes out to Marianne for her help with the room, and David for the construction. The best part is that we've had such great reactions from our customers, big and small. This room is perfect for a short-term solution where the family is growing, but the house isn't. I think it turned out pretty well. What do you think?

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  1. Lovely inspirational post! Would you be able to advise the details of the doors used ?


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