Light collaboration pt. 2

November 10, 2011

So my hubby was such a busy bee yesterday! I came home to a living room that's really shaping up! 

Not only did he hang our tv, he also installed our hybrid light fixture!

Pretty awesome, huh? I loved the way it turned out.
Especially how you can see just a little sliver of the Knappa pendant from the side. Here's a close-up.

Yep, I'm the brainchild behind this masterpiece!

Some might wonder where I got the idea to stack our "Kartell" units. Enter inspiration photo.

How cute is that? Anyhoo, back to the living room.

Oh, and the awesome red lounge chair? Her name is Luna, I got her out of As-is.

She's corduroy, fabulous, and in pristine condition. Luna is now Brandon's favorite chair, which was a relief because she was totally another impulse buy (At $95, she was a steal). Wait, I think everything found in As-is is an impulse buy, but I digress...P.S. Luna's a much better alternative than the typical "Man chair", so we're both beyond happy. Hope our living room brought a smile your face. It totally made by Wednesday! :)

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