looks like money

July 12, 2011

It's not a secret that great design doesn't have to cost a lot of money.  I stumbled upon this photo via Apartment Therapy and and fell in love with the look of identical shelving units flanking both sides of the sofa. Long story short, I couldn't deny it's chicness, but the units also looked pretty expensive. I racked my brain for a minute trying to figure out what I could use to duplicate this effect, then I remembered good ole' Hyllis, and everything came together. The shelving unit is only $15, and with a little spray paint added to its industrial look, it would be pretty easy to make Hyllis look like money.

Above are a few things that we've accumulated and things that I was hoping to purchase. I found out yesterday that the slot coffee table that I was hoping to buy (that was on sale for $199) is now gone. Yeah, I'm pretty bummed about it. Me and the hubby were just not able to sync up to check it out at the store. But I think it may mean that the Adair coffee table was really meant to be after all. Or maybe I'll find something cooler. You never know.

Before you go - check out two Hyllis projects that I've been admiring here and here. Check you later!


  1. I love It!!!!! Man... I've become so oblivious to IKEA furniture! I keep forgetting the potential it can have until I see post like yours or I'll see something in a high end magazine! Nice work Rae!

  2. yes, i love my little hyllis shelves and not only because they were so inexpensive. i LOVE what bryn did with hers... amazing!


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