hanging in there

January 7, 2011

 So I wanted something that would make a nice statement over our sofa. I decided to go with an inexpensive option and hang a collage of frames that I scored from Target.


First I arranged them on the floor, then I numbered the plastic coating so that I knew which frame came next in the sequence.

What I didn't know was that this whole "hanging while keeping the correct spacing thing" was much more difficult than I had originally anticipated, so naturally I had to change the layout once I got it up on the wall.

So it ended up looking more like this. Notice the common horizontal line, which I dig. I also picked up some lime magnetic flowers from Target, which ended up working quite nicely in the negative spaces.

When my boo got home, he suggested that I add the little frame on the far right (which I happily agreed since I had two left over from changing the original layout). Now all I have to do is fill the frames with some memories. I was thinking about doing all the photos in a sepia tone for a classic look. Whatcha think?

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  1. its amazing how just by adding the small frame on the end made a big difference....i like!


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