Thrifty Thursdays - Colorful Vintage Glasses

August 17, 2017

If you didn't know, going thrift shopping is one of my very favorite pass times. Just thinking about the hunt makes me giddy with excitement! The idea that I might find something special that no one else I know has in their home is pretty awesome. Over the years, I have found that one of the most fun ways to furnish my home using thrifted finds is to start a collection. Currently I have one going for decanters, and I recently started one for colorful vintage cocktail glasses. Check it out!

All of these glasses came from Goodwill (my favorite store) with exception of the yellow ones, which I stumbled upon during a spontaneous trip to the Salvation Army. Side note, I love how the pink ones are two different shades. I think it gives them even more character! :)

So far I've collected green goblets, yellow coup glasses, indigo cordial glasses, and pink highball glasses. Of course, I'm not specific on which type I collect. I figure at some point or another we'll use whatever size we have on hand to make a cocktail, plus they're so gosh darn pretty. I've also accepted that I will inevitably have odd numbers of the same type. Visually odd numbers are more interesting in design, so why not embrace the orphan glasses as well?  My criteria for deciding if glasses come home with me?
  • Are the colors bright or bold?
  • Are they vintage?
  • Do they make me smile?

If they pass these few questions with a yes, then my collection grows. Of course with every collection, the hardest part is being patient. Ideally, one day I would like to have the whole rainbow represented. Truth be told, I thought that indigo was going to be the hardest to find, but I lo and behold I hit the jackpot! Red, blue, orange, violet... where are you guys hiding?

What I love most about this collection is that it reminds me of grandma's house! I mean, didn't everyone's grandma have glasses like these green ones?

Here's where my collection is living for now. The Vittsjo shelving unit that once held my decanter collection is now collecting glassware just off the foyer. I tried hiding the glasses away in my kitchen cabinets, but it just didn't feel right! Now when I enter the room I can always enjoy them!

So what do you think? Have you started your own collection at home? I want to hear about it! In the mean time I'll keep Goodwill hunting! And don't worry... I'll definitely let you know what I find. :)


  1. Beautiful! My mother has those goblets on the left but in an amber color. We loved playing fancy dinner party with them when we were kids :) Also that cactus garden is great!!

    1. Aww... such sweet memories! I've been drinking out of the goblets daily just to feel fancy (mostly water, a little wine). Thanks for the compliment on the succulent garden, and thanks so much for following along! :)


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